Bad Service at Steers Pan Africa / steers restaurant

Good Day

I hope you are well

I ordered at steers Pan africa mall for delivery at past 6 only to receive my order now at 20:35..

I had to wait over 2 hours for my order to be delivered which is really bad service from steers..

Please see my points below:

* I ordered at past 6

* Followed up twice and was told my order is on its way

* only for my order to be delivered very late at night.

* I phoned past 8 to speak to charity who say she's the manager and tells me they only have 2 drivers.. Firstly, I don't see how that should be used as an excuse for terrible service. Secondly, why was I not told when following up twice that they don't have enough drivers. Thirdly, I was told when placing my order that it will be delivered in 40 mins which turned out to be over 2 hours.

* I have kids which i make sure go to bed *before* 8pm, emphasis on BEFORE. The food was delivered way after their bed time, alternatives had to be arranged for them to eat after 8pm whilts waiting for their delivery. They were also inconvenienced in all this, I can't imagine how their morning and day will be like after a late night.

* The burgers delivered were cold

* Some burgers, well most burgers ordered were not eaten cause some members of the family sleep early and could not wait over 2 hours for food, we will be sitting eith burgers that are not fresh tomorrow - this is a waste.

* Who eats dinner after 8:30pm? When does the food digest?

I spent a total of R350 which i would like to demand back cause i refuse to pay for such terrible service and food that will go to waste due to steers not being able to keep their seevice delivery promise.

I wasn't expecting such incompetence and bad service from steers. 

I am so disappointed and would like my money back as soon as possible. 

My name - Ntombi

My number - [protected]

I look forward to hearing from you.


Jul 25, 2018

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