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In Texas, there is no sales tax on grocery/food items. Backroads Bakery, Inc. sells fried pies. These have long been classified as non-taxable food items, however, at least one of their retail sellers are charging sales tax on the fried pies to retail customers. Backroads claims to have 80 stores selling their fried pies, so if all 80 stores are collecting sales tax, this is a massive amount of taxes being collected from customers on an item that is non-taxable. Sarah Lively, Justin and Mindy Scrivner are the owners/employees of Backroads Bakery, Inc.
On another note, their website expired earlier this year and the domain was grabbed up by a Canadian website poacher who buys domain names hoping the rightful owners will pay extortion to get their domain back. So Backroads got the dot net domain instead. It would only have cost them less than $10 to renew their dot com domain, but like many small business owners, they grossly underestimate the value and power of a website. The general consensus, even in the 21st century, is that a website isn't important and isn't taken seriously. However, their old site is still partially viewable in web archives and I took note that they say that customer satisfaction is their number one goal. The reason I'm posting this complaint is because I emailed them several months ago inquiring about sales taxes being collected on their items. I got no response. This tells me that their "the customer is number one" slogan isn't taken seriously either. Lots of business people like to say it, but not many actually follow through when something comes up.
This complaint is what happens when you don't take customers seriously and are not concerned that they are being cheated. The next step is filing a complaint with the Texas Comptroller.
One more thing, no other store in the town I live in charges sales tax on fried pies. This is because they know the tax law and abide by it.

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  • Te
      8th of Jan, 2009

    Let me see...this guy has nothing better to do than play pie company investigator. When he was young, all he wanted to do was to grow up and harrass pie makers. And let me have no wife or girlfriend and you harrass other websites/businesses too. I'm right aren't I???
    Get a life.
    Seriously. GET A LIFE!

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  • In
      23rd of Jan, 2009

    Backroads pies are awsome. People drive for miles to get them. Your sales tax issue is with the retailers, not the bakery. As for the website ransome, Id say he can stick that domain name up his ____. The company obviously does well without the .com site. If you are reading this and have never had a Backroads pie, I would highly encourage you to try one. They will mail em to you if your not in the area.

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  • St
      23rd of Jan, 2009

    Obama is not the answer for you, get off the computer, take a bath and go get a job. Obviously the owners screened your comment and discounted it as a waste of time. Call the stores that is who charges sales tax. I know because they are one of my vendors. In case there are some of their customers who accidentally stumbled upon this post Backroads Bakery provided us a copy of the tax law two years ago and requested that we not charge tax. Some stores elected not to and obviously some still do. No matter what it is not the fault of the company.

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  • Be
      29th of Jan, 2009

    Even though it was not Backroads Bakery committing the sales tax violation, the item in question WAS MADE by them, so they at least have a vested interest in the situation and could have at least answered the emails, but chose to avoid the situation and ignore a person who obviously buys their products. It does show disregard for the customer and this company is just another that forgets where the money comes from in the first place. And doesn't anyone care about being ripped off anymore? Do you like paying sales tax on a non-taxable item? And the personal attacks and name calling is very inappropriate.

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  • Je
      7th of May, 2009

    #1. This guy needs to get a life.
    #2. As a small business owner I can say that answering some quack's email is at the bottom of a VERY long to do list that never gets shorter.
    #3. All jokes and "personal attacks" aside (Becky), this shows a serious lack of genuine concern for the main issue. This guy could talk FACE to FACE with the retail store management that is committing the "crime" and most likely solve the problem immediately. But he doesn't have the guts to take his "ethical" stance in person. He has to write a bash letter and post it on the internet. That is cowardly and resembles a temper tantrum.

    Advice to small business owner critics: If you have a problem, go to the source of the problem. Don't take pot-shots at over-worked under-paid small business owners who are busting their *@# to bring you a top-notch product and really have no control over your gripe in the first place. And if you just can't help yourself, expect to get a response like the ones above...except for Becky's!

    By the way, in case you haven't figured it out, I am a long-time loyal fan of their pies and have always had GREAT customer service.

    San Angelo, TX

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  • Bi
      20th of Nov, 2009

    "the customer is number one"

    As the new owner of Backroads Bakery I would like to address the issue that first prompted all the comments. I would like to first say that I am very happy to find loyal Backroads Bakery customers willing to defend our good name.

    We are aware of the laws concerning the taxation of our products, or the lack of. We have NO control over what the individual stores do as far as this is concerned. We have of course informed all the stores of the fact that they should not charge taxes on our product, but we do not own their stores and do not manage their stores, so we can not dictate to them as to what they will or will not do. If you feel you are being cheated then I invite you to contact the proper people and file a formal complaint, which will in no way affect Backroads Bakery for we are not the one charging you the sales tax. A faster solution to the problem would be to address the problem in a professional manor with the store manager. The store is not out to “rip you off”, and I’m positive they will handle the problem after contacting their CPA or their local comptrollers office. DO NOT expect them to take what you say about tax laws at face value. They will gather the facts on their own and remove the tax as soon as they have confirmation that they are in error.

    I was told about the conversation “Mike” had with Mindy (former owner), when I asked Mindy about the tax laws of Backroads bakery’s pies as resale items and she said “Mike” had called her and discussed the problem at length, so saying Backroads Bakery was unresponsive is a miss statement. They may have decided to simply not join in a combative public forum such as this, and handled the problem on a more personal level. Truthfully I did not even know about this and it makes me wonder how many other there are just like it with comments on them that I do not know about which are going unanswered simply because I don’t know they are there. It’s always best to call a business directly and not post a comment on some random site, and then get upset because they don’t visit the same sites you do.

    “Mike” addressed several random issues, such as the website being taken by a company looking to turn a quick buck. That was a billing issue, they were under the impression that their site was billed yearly to their credit card. Imagine their surprise to receive an e-mail offering to let them “buy” their site back for the bargain price of $500.00. They DID take their web site seriously, but being first time business owners, they had a lot on their plate as it was. Money was tight (and still is), so the .net offered a quick solution to their web site problem. I have made several attempts to contact the company that now holds the name hostage and they have failed to return my contact attempts.

    I hope “no one” takes this post as a personal attack. I am simply trying to give the other side of the story, and clear up some of the miss-posting.

    Bill Reed
    (Owner, President)
    Backroads Bakery Inc.

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  • Fi
      18th of Jul, 2012

    Nice response there Bill...but I'm really surprised at(and please explain) why money is still tight. After all, Backroads Bakery IS already a legend, and with so many locations and massive can you possibly be struggling?

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  • Fi
      2nd of Aug, 2012

    No response from Mr Reed...hmmm. I wonder if he has contacted the corp offices of his so called "stores", i.e. mostly 7-11's, and if they are still charging tax on his product. As long as you list these outlets as your "store" locations, it would be in your best interest to clear up this mess.

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