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I ordered Backjoy Core on the phone, they stated 30-day money back guarantee. I received it, didn't care for it, called the number for Returns and got error messages. I called my cell and my land line phone companies to check the number and to check the Customer Service phone number that was emailed to me, which also didn't work, - and they received error messages which were probably blocks they put on their lines or some kind of problem on their lines. I called the sales number again and emailed again. They all just repeated the non-working phone numbers to me. The company also charged me $12 for shipping when they told me on the phone that shipping was $9.95 - small matter, but shows how unethical this company is. DO NOT deal with this company.

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  • Oc
      Jul 19, 2011
    Backjoy - Scam - won't honor return policy
    150 Stewart Pkwy.
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-222-5569

    I ordered over the phone, was told I had a 30-day money back guarantee. I recieved the product in a few days, didn't care for it, called the Return phone number on the invoice and on the website 1-800-222-5569 and got a message "call cannot be completed". I emailed and asked for an RMA number which they require in order to return. They emailed me another number 1-877-545-3269. I called and got the same message. I tried the numbers from my cell and same message. I called the phone companies and they tried the phone numbers and got error messages which they said could mean there's a block on the phone numbers or that they're having a problem with their lines and that it is not a problem with my lines. I called the numbers the next day and same thing. I called the sales number a number of times and they would not help me; just kept giving me the cust. serv. number again and claimed there was nothing they could do. It's taken me 3 days of phone calls and emails and I still can't get through and I still can't get any service. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. They also told me the charge for shipping was $9.95, when I called back the first time, they said the charge was $21.70. I said I was told $9.95. They lowered it to $11.95. THIS IS NOT AN ETHICAL BUSINESS. EVEN IF YOU LIKE THEIR PRODUCT THEY HAVE A HARD SELL PROCEDURE WHEN YOU CALL AND THEY DO NOT HONOR THEIR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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