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This site is a TOTAL scam and ripoff. You pay thirty dollars for one "complete" search and another $10 for a one year "unlimited" search capability and what do you get. TOTAL MISH MASH AND JUNK!!! When you type in a name, it does not give you a place for a social security number or any other distinguishing information, then it lists ALL the people with names "like" the one you put in along with totally useless information about them! It is incomplete, incomprehensible and a total waste of time and money. This is the second such service I have tried, including one advertised on TV and they are both total rips. Then, there is no place to get help of even send a message to discontinue or get your money back once you discover the fallacy of their advertising. Don't fall for this crap. If there is a legitimate search agency out there, I can't find it. So much for public trust in such companies.

Mar 20, 2013

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