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Bac Homeowners Insurance Bank Of America / &Optional Selections& NOT optional! [protected] (option #1)

1 United States

I purchased a home as a DISABLED VETERAN (and HAD to sign an OPTIONAL selection for HOMEOWNER'S INSURANCE ..they get you by saying it is free for a year, but not telling you when your mortgage will go up) I get a fixed income, so when my payment jumped THREE times in four months, something was not right...

I looked on my Bank of America (BOA) Account lines, and FOUND OUT that my "Optional" selections had taken effect and I was NOW being charged an EXTRA 110.00 after the EXTRA 60 DOLLARS the prior i called the customer service...the operator was not aware of this INSURANCE'S name?! I am fuming at this point..because i was on HOLD FOR 33 min the first time..and then hung up on! I called back..hold again...22 min..had a clerk, and then was disconnected! (I was getting pissed more freaking HOLD..THEN I am going to let loose on the MANAGER! THEY NEVER ANSWERED THE TELEPHONE!

Now after continuous holds/misdirections, unknown answers..I had to stop being frustrated and just start calling all the numbers on the (BOA) WEBSITE... after 3 more HOURS of bull^&*, I found out that my OPTIONAL insurance was NOT really optional..*this is where i said, "I am completely disabled..and since i am, I AM GOING TO START CLAIMING this insurance and will contact a lawyer if you BREECH this contract! I have tried to cancel it and you gave me a hard time reaching you, and I had to call GEICO (go figure) to get the ACTUAL NUMBER to cancel it." [protected] (option #1) (GEICO was helpful AFTER you played the stupid caveman and waited 10 minutes between pressing a slew full of numbers and waiting...which did not make me any less angered by this delay!) The lady was rude, and refused to do the paperwork to discontinue my "plan". So..i said to myself..ONE MORE DAY and I will start the necessary paperwork for suing this idiotic insurance company. I AGAIN explained how i was NON-APPLICABLE to this insurance, and wanted OUT of this..he was reluctant, but followed my took another 10 minutes the next day..but a TOTAL OF 4 hours wasted air/mobile time..and of course, they will not reimburse you for..


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