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This company and phone number keep calling. I answer and no one is on the phone. I get 2 beebs and that is it. I called [protected] [I have caller ID] and told the company to STOP calling me. REMOVE my name from their list as no one is ever on the phone. I KEEP getting these harrasing phone calls. The said they were sorry, but I keep getting the calls. The last person I spor to was Jesus.


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      Mar 02, 2010

    i know about this calls...and believe that all in babyto be sucks...they hire ppl from latinamerica to work for them and they pay almost nothing for them...they kick them out when they want and dont pay anything to them ...and they keep calling to the same ppl even if u said to them that nobody with that name lifes there because babytobe tell them to mark as call later to the same person otherwise u can be fired from your job...

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      May 20, 2010

    Not that I would (even though I get their calls on my cell phone) but if you search for baby to bee via google the first hist is a PAID link where Baby to bee is charged each and every time you I mean another person hits that link.

    Not that I would but turn about is fair play.

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      Apr 21, 2011 - calling my home night and day
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I have never heard of this company, and yet they keep calling my home from morning to night. When I pick up the phone they don"t say anything and then hang up. They also like to trip my answering machine with voice mail and do the same thing. Since I have caller ID, I got so feed up that I called them back on 4-21-11, and told them that they better stop calling my house and remove my number, I asked to speak to someone in charge, and they hang up on me. I have keep a log of these phone calls which I can and will produce if I need to take further action against this company.

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