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Babies&R&Us / Customer service nightmare

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So less than a month ago my husband and I were in Jacksonville, Fl visiting from Tallahassee. I have always loved the Toys/ Babies R Us there until now! We have bought everything from furniture, bedding, travel systems, and so on from them. Luckily we have never had to return anything until now. Our son is over a year old and we recently gave away our old travel system and I needed a new stroller for him.

On our last day in Jacksonville we purchased 'the perfect' stroller. We bought the Chicco Trevi- Extreme. It was a nice color, lightweight, and compact... we were very happy with our new find! The man who was working the floor seemed to be very knowledgeable and informative about everything. Nice guy except for his FOUL MOUTH, but hey that’s Ok.

We bought it! After leaving Jacksonville we stopped & picked up our two children up. All of our luggage wouldn't fit in the car because of the box. We took the stroller out of the box, folded it out, put the baby in it, and rolled it around for less than a minute.

Everything seemed to be fine so we trashed the box! Now two and a half weeks later I needed the stroller for the first time. I put the baby in and we started off. I noticed the metal piece that locks the frame IS BENT! I guess my 1st mistake was to not thoroughly inspect every last inch before throwing the box away. I quickly called the store we purchased it at. I explained exactly what was wrong. The metal piece is badly bent, I have my receipt but no box, and asked what I should do. The CSR was nice & said she could only do an exchange since it was broken & I DID have my receipt but no box. I asked again if she was sure before I drove the two and a half hour to get there and SHE WAS! I get there and she unfolds it and looks at. She then walks across the store without a word and brings back a manager. The manager takes one look at it and says "I'M NOT TAKING THAT BACK!” I asked why not and he rudely replied that they don't sell strollers in that condition. It’s a safety hazard and he'll never be able to resale it. It came in a freaking box so how the crap does he know what condition they sell in? Do they open every box? I only wanted to exchange it. The guy was extremely hateful and made out like I had broken it. Before he RAN ME OUT of the store I asked what he thought I should do. He said that he didn't care what I did and that they sell $29 umbrella strollers if I wanted one of those! And yes Ran me out! He told me if I wasn’t going to purchase something I needed to leave because he was not going to exchange it. I had just spent over $100 not to mention the cost to travel back to the store for nothing. The manager could have at least apologized for his employee and the inconvenience. But no, nothing! I called customer service today and no help from them either. The only thing that led to was an employee complaint. The whole time the guy made me out to be a crook or scammer. Its more like Babies R Us are the ones scamming people! I've received better service at Wal-Mart & Kmart. YOU WOULD HAVE TO PAY ME BEFORE I WOULD EVER SHOP HERE AGAIN! I DON’T THINK ANYONE SHOULD BE TREATED & TALKED TO THE WAY I WAS!!!

What they could have done is:

-The CSR could have known if I did not have a box then the answer is no.
-Either the manager or the CSR could have offered another solution
-The manager needs some kind of customer service training. He should never talk to a customer the way he did me. No one deserves that!

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  • Ga
      23rd of Jan, 2012
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    I have shopped there many times, have never had any problems. I have been there one time when someone returned (tried) a car seat and it was filthy. They apologized and explained they couldn't accept the return do yo it's condition. Watch the lady be little the person, and they remained calm and explained why they couldn't. The lady acted like she was entitled to a return regardless the condition. I couldn't believe the audacity this lady had. I wouldn't by it from a garage sale from her the way it was treated.

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