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b-line marketing / Do not waste your time with these guys!

1 3449 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd. Suite ASuwanee, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 7702714766

Well my short journey with B-Line Marketing began three days ago when i received a message from Daniella at B-Line asking me to come in for an interview. I am a cash strapped college student but i am not so desperate that i go to any interview offered without checking the company out first. It was then that i researched B-Line and found this report on [redacted]. I ran across the company website and while the [redacted] was still fresh in my mind the company looked legit. I decided to go in the next day for my interview with Brad.

The interview was very short and to the point. Brad explained that B-Line was a marketing firm that held contracts with several local sports teams and golf courses. It seemed like a really interesting job, as do all on the first interview, so i agreed to come back the next morning for my second "interview". So i came in the next morning at 9:30am to follow a sales "manager" around and get familiar with the business and what the sales team does. Now at this point i was under the impression that we were going to do business to business sales with interested clients.

I ended up getting paired up with some goof that looked like the guy who said "Dude its a dell" in the Dell computer commercials. So we hopped in his car and took off. From the beginning it was painfully obvious that this kid was a complete joke. He talked about all the money he made and how this girl was a b word and f this and f that. At the same time he tried to quiz me over what i knew about marketing and when he realized i obviously knew more on the subject than he did he stopped. He kept talking about how he reeled in the money and i found it odd that he was such a money maker but we were cruising in an old used Acura TL 3.2.

So we headed over to a business park to talk to other businesses about a golf course that had recently been renovated. The golf course had given B-line some ticket packages that they were trying to sell. Now the whole concept behind the idea is actually pretty good. For 40 dollars you get 4 full 18 round green stees. Great for business entertaining clients or travelers companies trying to bundle them and package them for clients. So we hopped out of the shabby car after listening to him blab on for about 20 minutes about all his "accomplishments" and "qualifications".

Then we start going door to door trying to sell these ticket packages. Now it was strange enough that we were doing simple door to door sales on this type of product. But to make it even worse the idiot that i was observing had an absolutely horrible sales presentation. His kind manner was so fake many of the people that talked to him had a disgusting look almost the entire time. You could tell he didnt know what he was talking about. After the people told him no 5 times he would become abrasive and rude. Talking about how hes sorry they missed out and blah blah blah. He lied to EVERY person we came into contact and used gestapo tactics. This kid would be better working at an visa call center or a debt collection agency.

I was very uncomfortable and felt sorry for the people he was talking to the entire time we were in the business park but at the time it made some kind of sense that we were attempting to sell the product in that environment. However what did not make any sense was when we crossed the street and started to hit the places over there. And when i mean places i mean subways, strip malls, and tire shops...Can u imagine how awkward i felt as we walked into dairy queen and this idiot is hounding abunch of teenagers at their place of work about a golf course? Demanding that they ask around the back and see if anyone plays golf so he can make a sale.

This was the last straw for me, this was no business to business and i saw that i was not cut out of for it. I let this idiot, i beleive his name was aaron or something like that, know that i could not see myself doing this and i appreciated his time. At this point, frustrated from his lack of sales, he told me to call someone to pick me up. Thats right. He was too engaged in his "selling" that he refused to take me back to the office to get my car. On top of that he wouldnt even come back to the car so i could get my stuff. It took a call back to the main office letting them know if i didnt get my stuff out soon the sales "manager" was going to lose the passenger window of his POS Acura TL so i could get my possessions.

He finally came back and opened the car up so i could get my stuff. When i did he sped off leaving in a place i had no idea where i was by myself with no way to get home. Luckily my father is a major industrial and manufacturer sales manager for a REAL company and he travels the area quite often. I told him i was stuck at some random kroger in lilburn and i had no idea how to get back and he was able to come pick me up after a few hours. This was a nusance enough because my dad was at a plant in gainesville doing his job, selling more product in 1 hour then these guys do in 3 weeks. So he had to take time out of his schedule to pick me up because that loser from B-Line abandoned me in the middle of no where.

I had to go back to the only guy who had bought a card from the idiot the entire time to find out where i was. After conversating with the guy i found it funny that the only reason he had purchased the tickets was because he had been looking for some for his father and besides that he thought the b line rep was annoying and wanted to get him out of his shop.

And the kicker is when i told the rep that i didnt see myself being able to do his job he told me "What?! You mean you dont want to make 100 dollars a day?!" I almost peed myself right then and there. 100 dollars a day???? Are you kidding me? Putting myself through that for a measely 26000 dollars a year? Ill pass, and i strongly suggest anyone else contacted by B-Line Marketing also do so themselves.

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      24th of Nov, 2009
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    haha you are right on the money, man. I just googled B Line Marketing complaints just for ### and giggles and read your story. I interviewed with them in December 2007 right before I graduated and had the exact experience that you did. Except we were selling Hawks ticket packages and some Spa deal too. Funny thing is, one of my friends interviewed with them a few days before I did; he would have warned me off if he knew I was going. They offered both of us jobs and we both left their office independently acting as if we had taken the job and each decided to never show up on the start date without calling. What a bunch of pathetic douchebags.

    Not only did they spark my interest as sports fan by claiming they worked closely with the Braves, Hawks, Thrashers, golf courses, etc...(what almost sounds like a dream job) these claims were total ###; but also, I came dressed in a suit with dress shoes that I had to walk around all day in with the "sales manager" (aka punk kid with similar attitude as the guy you mentioned)

    I wish I would have had the opportunity to get away from the guy early like you did, but I wasn't from the area and basically had to endure an 8 hour day of that trash.

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