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B G Market Research / SCAM - Credit Report

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Hello everyone,

My cousin received an e-mail from Jasmine Goode of B G Market Research. The e-mail was long and looked legitimate/professional at first glance. The "HR Rep" was asking her to do a credit report so the company can verify some vital information, such as US citizenship, address, work history, etc. The e-mail stated that she does not need to give them the report; they will call her and she will need to use it to answer their questions, which they claim will be 'non-confidential'. They also wrote that they are not interested in the credit score itself - which is very suspicious, because the reason (real) companies check potential employees' credit reports is solely for the credit score, in order to ensure that the person is not in debt and can be trusted with money. Credit reports are usually needed when hiring a person for a company/position that regularly deals with money (i.e. bank jobs, casinos...).

I just want to let people know that this is most likely a scam! Times are tough and people are desperately seeking jobs; I would hate for someone to take a chance on this company and get into even more financial trouble because of it.

The fact is that a company can only ask for your resume and references. All other, especially confidential, information can only be requested by the company if you are offered a position. In other words, the company can ask you for a credit report (along with criminal background check, SS #, etc.) only after your interview, once they know that they would like to employ you - but not before!

Hope this helps someone!

Concerned Student Nurse

P.S. if you check out their website you will find that it is not a legitimate company, the website is simply "for show" and not real

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