AZZ Inc. / Incompetent Over Charges Tax Service

100 N. Pond, Suite A, Walled Lake, MI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 248-926-0008

For years I have taken my taxes to ELIAS AZZOUZ. He goes by ELi. He charges more than others, though is a good talker which lends you to believe you are getting the best service and the extra money is worth it. He comes across arrogant, though, again, I am not hiring him for his personality. When I received an IRS notice that I owed more for my 2010 taxes it was a bit nerve wracking, to put it mild. After calling the IRS and reviewing my taxes, it turns out that I over paid and the IRS was actually going to send me a check. Yes, you read that right. After hearing the H&R Block "second look" commercials and suspicious of over paying or not getting more on a refund on other returns and with the economy and tight on money, I decided to take my recent taxes to them and have them look at them. Not only did they find money owed to me on each of the returns, they money was close to two thousand dollars. Being one who believes in considering giving someone a second chance I met with Eli who blamed it on one of his employees (even though he did them every year but one) and told me to take my taxes elsewhere. My advice. Proceed at your own risk.

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