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On Friday 11/66/2009, I William E. King filed an initial first time out of state claim with AZUI using two out of state
employers because with those two Colorado-based employers I had grossed since January of 2009 $45, 195.35 in federal
and state wages.
Well on 11/13/2009 I received an official letter from ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC SECURITY Local
I do not understand the departments figuring of my initial claim; afterall, I have in fact work in every month and quarter of 2009. Can someone please explain this to me?
You can email me at ...[protected] Thanks,


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  • Pa
      Sep 10, 2009

    Hello my name i patricia i apply for unemployment i got laid off wk on 6 / 10 / 09 we are in 09 / 10 / 09 i still havent received anything. I did got a letter telling me what i was going to be getting and the bank card but no money. I owe so may bills what they are doing or thinking i dont have bills to pay. I have four kids to support im sigle mother. . .

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  • Jo
      Feb 19, 2010

    I found a job, and the employer is involved in all sorts of illegal activities, not paying employees the right amount (or at all), having employees write false "reviews" for the company, high tension with family arguments, hiring illegals, etc.etc...
    (no matter what they say "family-owned & operated" is abig red flag and nothing to brag about in a yellow page ad. every family company that I have worked for, sucks !!! they either have a spoiled brat who inherited the company running it, or just a lot of family problems when money gets involved.

    Now I'm stuck, and I can't quit this job and go back on employment (or can I?).

    Arizona labor laws (or the lack of them) is the worst thing about the state. This "rght to work" mentality has got to's nothing more than "employers, relocate to arizona because you can treat your employees like crap and get away with it"


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  • Mb
      Sep 05, 2012

    I too have been screwed over because of DES hires people with the I.Q. of a goat. Fire all of these ###s and their supervisors, bunch of brainless fools.

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  • Co
      Jan 23, 2013

    I closed my direct deposit account and requested that my benefit payments be deposited on the debit pay card. I have not received the week-ending !/5-2013 payment and it's 3 weeks later. You can't get through to a csr on the phone and they don't answer email. All the proper paperwork (cancellation of direct deposit form) has been submitted and "allegedly" processed. WTF they still get paid and it's our tax $ they're feeding off of. They're all a bunch of douche bags.

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  • Re
      Feb 14, 2013

    I was laid off in the fall. Since that time I file every Sunday and have had a very steady work search. I have been in the same field for 32 years and it is on its way out. So it's time for a new position. Problem is I am use to making 55K. Anyway, with AZUI they missed paying me two weeks in October completely. Paid the following two weeks within a day of them being reported. Then missed 4 weeks, but paid them late after many calls. Now they are two weeks behind again. I make certain it is accepted on the Internet and fax it as well. And they still say they didn't get it! One of the listed fax numbers doesn't work. Now you can only call in on the day correlating with your SSN. So my day is very popular I started calling at 9am and 243 calls later I finally didn't get the message that "lines are busy call back later"! (Click) I did hold for 42 minutes and the lady who answered didn't help really, just told me that nothing was my fault. They had new software and it isn't reading some of the files. So a lot of people are behind on payments. She told me not to worry mine should be good in a few days . Well good for her she gets a paycheck!

    I had a doctors appt today at noon expecting to be able to pay them, well I drove 35 miles oneway to my appt only to find that by noon there was still no money!!! I couldn't see the doctor but was charged a no show fee!

    I left and called the AZUI client advocate line, I held for a little more than an hour. I did get through right away, just hold time. Then. The lady asked for my name and SSN and once I said that she responded with a very snotty. "This is not your assigned day to call, call back on your day!" I said "isn't this the client advocate line" she said "yes we have rules too". I said. "But I haven't been paid for ". CLICK. is all I heard on the other end of the line. I could not believe it.

    I am sure they do get people that call in and swear at them all day long and I sure would like to, but they really didn't make the policy. And if you get someone that doesn't have and logic or sensitivity, well I am glad I am not them. The system needs to be fixed! There are people that take advantage of the system, but not everyone.

    I will say that being at a couple of the DES Offices in the last couple of months I have to say that some of the employees may be taking advantage of the system more than the ones on unemployment. I have worked harder trying to collect my 216 per week. Than I did working for my 1100 a week. Crazy! Who has time to find a job when I am trying to straighten out the government.

    I think for time they don't deposit within 2 days we should charge a $35 fee for late pay. Hmm seems that is what the creditors charge when I pay late. Then there is the extended late pay fee that will kick in every 7 days!

    OK I am done I will write my letter to the Governor this afternoon.

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  • Qu
      Sep 06, 2013

    I have filed for unemployment three months ago and still did not receive anybenefits I get the same questions everyweek.i am a full time student, I have two part time jobs but no hours, how can i receive my unemployment benefits from azui

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  •   Sep 06, 2013

    Get a job and stop whining

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  • Br
      Oct 22, 2013

    Wow I've never seen such an unmanagable waste of time. The phone number for DES UI has for three of my "call in" days (it took a week and a half of human time) led me through Voice Mail prompts to enter my SS#, personnel ID then tell me I must speak to a rep. Immediately after I get transferred to a recording which says "We are experiencing higher than normal call volume, please try your call again later"... Then DISCONNECTS ME!!! After over 150 calls on three different days from 8am to 5 pm, this was the only communication with DES UI. I was out of work due to the Government shutdown, my company called me back as soon as it was settled. I am supposed to get UI for the days I missed. My wife works for the same company that I work for and both uf us are in the same prewdiciment, NO Unemployment benefits. Whooopie we have State issued bank cards but with no money on them. Thank god for the food bank trucks that came to the Grand Canyon otherwise we would've gone hungry. My bills are overdue. Arizona I am soooo dissappointed in the way your UI department is ran, it seems like AZ is set up not to pay the benefits I have paid into for years. So if thats the case "GOOD WORK".

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  • AZUI benefits are awful! I've done more work trying to track down my benefits than I have had time to search for employment. This process should be illegal! What business only allows their customers to call them 2 days out of the week (if your social security # ends in 1-3 call Mon, 4-6 Tue, 7-9 Wed, 0 Thu, all [0-9] Fri & of course closed Sat & Sun; this means each person can only call on their designated day of the week M, Tu, W [OR] Th plus Fri too {whoop-di-do!} and if your day falls on a holiday, you only get to call on Fri for that week)?!?!?!? My benefits are once again missing and I can't talk to anyone to find them! I am furious. When I finally get through to DES (AZUI Dept), they can't help me! I tell them my benefits say paid, yet are no where to be found. The reps tell me they can't see that information (what?!?!?) so I ask to be transferred to a supervisor and they transfer me to a voicemail (I leave a message) and I NEVER get a return call. This utter incompetence is absolutely unbelievable! DES, what is going on here? Can someone help me? Why doesn't anyone give a damn? To all of the DES employees I spoke to: please do us all a favor and find a new job and get out of customer service like yesterday! I can't take all if this blatant incompetence and total lack of concern for your customers. So many people rely on you DES for a short period of their lives, yet you turn a blind eye and continue hiring incapable employees that are very rude on top of it. Please get your act together; you are ruining people's lives at a time when you're needed most. This is despicable!!!

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  • Ja
      Sep 28, 2014

    Can someone please tell me where to make out a formal complaint against the unemployment office in Arizona? I do plan on contacting the state attorney general for what has happened but I would like to try and find somewhere else to complain besides that route. I cannot believe the people they hire over there. They get away with lying doing what they want and they declined me for reasons they dream up in their head because they obviously are sadistic lowlifes. I applied over 3 months now to get my unemployment after working at the same job for 9 years and then laid off. The deputy working my case is a sick person and her name is Mabel. The unemployment office is set up so that you can not make a phone call to anybody there or visit them in person at an office. They also have it set up where you cannot get a supervisor even if you do get to somebody. It took me 3 days to get a person on the phone and then that person hung up on me. I actually heard from a co worker that there are two other people that she knew that had issues trying to get unemployment as well. It was just a matter of working with really uneducated case workers over there. Their job title's are actually deputies. LoL

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  • Si
      Mar 11, 2015

    Reading these comments I feel a little better. I am new to the unemployment process and I have tried to read the rules and regulations etc and half the time cant understand it. Its next to impossible for me to get assistance and its very frustrating. I used to get my benefits on Tuesdays but now the days I get them are different every week and no consistent. For example I usally get it on Tuesdays but lately ive been getting it on wednesday mornign or wednesday night! Its very frustrating because i budget what I have and plan ahead but when i don't get the beenfits when I normally do or later in the week than normal, it throws off my whole system and I end up missing bills or not be able to eat till I get the money. Ive tried calling and its no use because its not my "assigned day". Im sorry but thats ridiculous to have an assigned day, I understand why they do it, but if there is a dire emergency or something then I need to talk to someone right away, not be waiting till my "assigned day!" I am hoping my situation is only temporary but if not and this is what I will have to be dealing with for UI then its going to be a very frustrating time for me. I agree with the above comments that I am putting more work into the unemployment process than I did at my previous job and it was a high demanding job too! After experiencing this process, once I get a job and back on my feet, I will do everything I can to not be unemployed again, I do not want to go through this crazy process again!

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  • Ca
      Aug 27, 2018

    I worked for a school district and my job was cancelled due to no funding and reduction in force. I applied for UI benefits and I have been filing my weekly claims. However, I have not received any benefits. It states on my application/claims page that there are unresolved issues for every claim week of "Education/Bus Driver Wages. I have no job, and no new job to go to. I do my part by looking for work. Now they are not paying me my benefits because of what? I do not understand and there is no one to help me. Help!

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