Azniv Shahverdyan, Watertown, MAthief and schizophrenic: shoplifting charges and online crimes

Sadly emerged in the USA via J2 visa (as dependent of a single mother, an established prostitute Marine Mkhitaryan, the converted to Marina Noble), Azniv Shahverdyan (and her mother) illegally stayed in the USA after the Muskie Program (by lying the USCIS about their motifs to waive the 212 E code requirement). They both were on the deportation schedule but overcame by lies.

Since then, they settled in Watertown/MA and terrorize the American hardworking families because Azniv and her mother are nothing but shoplifter, thieves, envious and jealous trolls who want everybody decline to their low levels - which will secure their gratification.

Submit the CORI form and check the Ma Court reports or the criminal records of Azniv Shahverdyan and Marina Noble (also known, Marine Mkhitaryan, Marina W. Noble, Marine Noble). Marina Noble also has criminal records in Hartford, CT.

Both, mother and daughter suffer apparent schizophrenia, are extremely evil and bear a lot of hate in their hearts. We posted this because Azniv Shahverdyan and her mother (Marina Noble) are endlessly trolling and destroying other's careers and lives with horribly false declarations and untruth.

After they conduct harm, they present pretend to be "civilized members of the society" but is is a failing bogus as they only can fool of the idiots of at low levels. Their pictures are attached:

Azniv Shahverdyan, Watertown, MA
Azniv Shahverdyan, Watertown, MA
Azniv Shahverdyan, Watertown, MA
Azniv Shahverdyan, Watertown, MA

Feb 05, 2019

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