AZ Home InsuranceFraud by AZ Home Insurance

We desperately need your help. Last August our home was flooded by a faulty pipe that caused well over $150, 000 in damages. We had an insurance policy that promised "Full replacement cost" on everything. The insurance company hired a contractor who started doing the work and we were told it would only take "a couple of weeks". It's now nearly a year later and the contractor never finished his work, never applied for or received any of the proper building permits. We were forced to pay for thousands of dollars in materials and labor from our own pocket. There is evidence of possibly toxic mold in our home as well. We contacted the Arizona State Contractors Board and after several months that cited the contractor for numerous violations, but refused to enforce that he make the proper repairs. During that process the contractor sued us! The insurance company refused to return some of our furniture and have also refused to pay for literally ten's of thousands of dollars in damages and "unsalvageable items". We uncovered massive fraud between the contractor and insurance company, evidence of kickbacks, over-billing and countless lies by the CEO of the insurance company and the contractor have all been documented as well. We contacted the AZ insurance board (consumer affairs) and for months sent them documentation proving our allegations however they refused to get involved, stating that it wasn't their responsibility.

We have been victimized by companies that are supposed to be governed and monitored by government run agencies yet no one will enforce the rules they set. We have written documentation and other evidence that proves they have lied and violated numerous state laws. Please contact us and help if you can or direct us to someone who can.

David and Lisa Creed

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