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If a company is going to offer text base services, they should respond to them. I received a text message on Saturday, 4/17 stating they received my service call and said to reply to the text to schedule. I text back for the service call to be on 4/20. No one responded so I called and left a voicemail as well. Still no answer response. I text Tuesday at 3:02 to see if we were on the schedule for the following day and received a response at 3:28 saying "We have Wednesday 10-3 open. Please let us know ASAP, we are about to close our schedule for tomorrow.". I text back within three minutes at 3:31 that this was fine. No response. I also sent another text a while later asking for confirmation that we were on the schedule for the following day. No response. It was after hours so I text again at 9:35am the next day asking if we were on the schedule and no one responded. I called later to see what was going on and after spending 6 minutes on-hold, I was told it wasn't on the schedule. However, they could come Friday between 10-3. No thank you. I cancelled the service call. Not only does this company have horrid customer communications, their time window really stinks. 5 hour window? Really? Back to the home warranty company to find someone else.

Apr 20, 2016

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