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I have purchased the product from the site on Feb 16/2010. The website is looked really professional which is so opposite from their service and the processing quality. I think this site has the connection to which helped process the payment and handled the shipment. has the stories that they have been receiving many bad reviews from consumers. One day I received a call from the bank about this transaction which the bank assumed to be the fraud charge. They wanted me to confirm the transaction and contact the number as mentioned on the statement. I did not notice until I made a call and it went to I have checked the status of my product as it had been about 2 weeks after purchased and did not receive any confirmation. They had found my order number and said it will be shipped within 20 days and want me to be patient and wait. When the site said it will be 7-14 business days of delivery.

Finally I decided to make a call again for the second time to follow up as still did not receive the product. The date was on March 09/2010. The customer service said they will add the tracking number and ask me to wait again for a few days. Finally the product came on March 11/2010 which took about almost a month after I placed the order.

What I did not impressed about is not just getting the product very slow but also the package came and torn. It does not look professional at all. I do not believe this company had done lots of shipping or even in the business. I would say if you buy from single bad seller from ebay it might be even better than this. I even feel more worse when I opened the package, there was a chemical smell really bad inside and the product box's plastic was ripped and lots of scratches. It looks really old product. I looked at manufacturer it was made in lot 27/10/07 from Thailand. The product was imported from Thailand to India company, I believe that was the same company as on website, The expiration date is on 2011. However, it's not expired but the box is ripped and smell exposed inside the package really bad. I would say you won't pay $150 for 2.0 oz size for this kind of product and service. I feel that I should have cancelled them from beginning since the bank started to warn me that this transaction could be fraud.

I have made a call to the company and wish I will get the money back and now I am still in the process of doing this. It is just very bad choice to use their service and product. I also think to ship product back and get refund will be as much hassle as when you buy or even worse.


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