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Axiom Commercial Funding / Commercial Lender / Take money from people wanting to refinance and never closing loan

1 801 Flanagan Rd.United States Review updated:
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Phone: 866-637-3014

Axiom Commercial Funding was interested in my loan that was submitted on a real estate web site through a mortgage broker. They found out all of the details and approved us for 377,000. After many phone calls and Emails to us, they assured us that after we paid them a "site fee" of 1% that within 10 to 14 days we would close on our loan. We paid them a total of $3770.00, and they actually did send their "Underwriter" James Soaring Eagle Vonda out to our hotel for 3 days. He looked around doing his site visit for a total of maybe 1 hour. He left ( never paying his hotel bill) and as I said before was supposed to have our loan ready to close in 10 to 14 days. From this point all calls and emails got fewer and fewer. We had to initiate all contact. They had a excuse for everything as to why it was taking longer than they said, from the appraisal had to be redone, which it was, a new survey, which it was, waiting on the underwriter, which is James Vonda and he said it was done to anything else under the sun. Finally, they said that the reason for not closing was that they were not licensed in the state we are in, but they had applied for a license 2 weeks prior and it should only be a few more days. After a few more days went by, I called the state to find out the status of their license, and of course the state had never heard of them. After contacting them and asking about this lie, that was the last contact we had with them. No more emails, no more phone calls, until I sent a email threatening to have Mr. Vonda put in jail and the company exposed as a fraud. He then responded, promising to refund my money, however at this time he has not. He has every excuse now of why it is going to take a little longer, he needs the bank info to wire the money, etc. Has anyone on this planet ever closed a loan with this company? If so I would love to hear from you.

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  • Ke
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    Axiom and James Vonda still have not corrected nor resolved any of this situation that they completely lied and intentionally ripped off myself and my business's. From what I have found out, and others that have been ripped off as well, Axiom claims to be licenced in all 50 states, Totally untrue. They are incorporated in the state of Nevada, with James Vonda , Corah Vonda, and Terah Vonda as officers. They claim to be a 300 million dollar corporation, Totally untrue. They also have several other "business's" with websites online that do not exist. They have set up online to appear as though they are a reputable lender. James Vonda claimed to be the only person that could issue a refund, Then after weeks of excuses, claimed that he was just a cog in the great Axiom corporate wheel and Axiom was not going to issue a refund, but he would repay the 3770.00 personally in 500.00 increments. I have still not recieved anything from him. Anyone considering a loan through this company, or that has been a victim by these people, please contact me as we are getting geared up for a legal assault to stop any other people from getting taken by this group. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SEND THEM MONEY. If you do, your chances of recovery are slim to none. You will be promised any and everything until you send them there "Site Inspection Fee" after that, you will have to initiate all communication and will be made to feel as though you are bothering them, and you are the bad guy when it comes to getting your loan that they promised, or any refund. We have proof of all this, as well as lots of other info. If you are a happy customer, and did actually close on a loan with these people, please let me know as all I have heard about so far are nightmare stories very similar to my own.

  • Ma
      20th of Feb, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Thanks for making it easy for me to locate you since all your contact information you supplied on your loan application Axiom has supplied me is now invalid. Also, why are you hiding behind your wife's name, something suspicious there too?

    Allow me to introduce myself, I am Manuel Hernandez Rodriguez. I am what is known in the lending industry as a Hard Money Investor and I purchased the loan commitments from Axiom Commercial Funding, LLC to fund your loans on your music shop and hotel.

    I have been trying for over five weeks now to reach you about the money you owe me in interest for the loan you agreed to then backed out after I placed my funds up to make the loan with Axiom.

    Your cell phone no longer works, nobody ever answers your music shop number and your yahoo email address is bouncing as non-deliverable.

    As to your derogatory comments about Axiom Commercial Funding, LLC and James Soaring Eagle Vonda, I think you should know I have been investing with Axiom since January of 2000 and have never had a problem with them in closing and funding over 85 loans I have had with them, that is until your loan.

    That is why I and several others I know personally have invested with them for so long. FYI, I have personally known James for the last 30 years. He has been an independent residential and commercial bundler since the age of 25. What were you doing at the age of 25 that was beneficial to your nation or your culture?

    For those readers that do not know, Axiom's investment procedure is simple:

    1. They gather the loan requests
    2. Match it up against their database of private investors like myself
    3. Contact the investor and make the presentation
    4. If the investor accepts the project the investor places their funds up with Axiom's Funds Management Group
    5. They then gather the necessary supporting documentation the investor requires
    6. Then they close the loan in Axiom's name.

    Simple paperwork, easy processing and a no ### attitude with the borrower and the investor. I like knowing I get a guaranteed return after the loan funds. If the loan goes into default Axiom handles all the legal issues and if need be handles the resell of the property or sells the non- performing mortgage on the secondary market for enough to cover my investment and my guaranteed yield.

    Axiom is unique; they issue commitments, not prequals. As they say to every borrower, “DO NOT contact us unless you the borrower are ready to proceed immediately.” FYI, which from what I have been informed of you were not even close to being ready.

    In fact I was informed you had to wait several weeks to get your funds together, and James actually made a special side trip to your area to view your property while doing a site visit on another property I funded for Axiom.

    In purchasing Axiom's loan commitment to you, I had to place my funds up with Axiom's Treasury Dept to guarantee I would not back out of the loan. With this action, I expected to be well compensated to the tune of over 18% annual yield on the loan with a balloon due in 360 days.

    Instead I got a notice from Axiom that you had cancelled the loan after all they had done to fit your situation into a new strategy because the one you described in your loan request was so far from what James found it is not even funny. Yes I have the site visit photos (over 55 of them) and the site visit report which states the townspeople in Lead, SD are none too happy with you in the official circles.

    So I am formally informing you and the rest of the world, I have your site visit money, not Axiom and not James Soaring Eagle Vonda, PhD and you still owe me money which I intend to collect very soon by whatever means possible.

    Also, one last thing, I have contacted James after reading this crap and informed him not to pay you one red dime as that money belongs to me legally, and if necessary I will fly to Lead, SD and file a judgment against you for non-performance and place a lien on you music shop and hotel. I have your signature on the loan docs and that is all I need to plead my case.

    You have attempted to belittle the name of a very good man, an honest man, a man with integrity, a man who donates 100% of any money gets from any loan to charity and a man dedicated to his people with your slanderous words and that is something I and many others will not stand for.

    See you in court, very soon...

    Manuel Hernandez Rodriguez

  • Ke
      24th of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    First I don't have a clue who you even are. I don't owe you a dime, If you gave James Vonda money to loan me, I would be asking him for my interest. Apparently, he has lied to you just like he has lied to me and several others that have contacted me. He is far from a saint my friend. And as far as you go, if you would like to come out and visit, be my guest, just pay your bill before you leave, unlike your friend did. And as far as you losing money, Axiom cost me thousands of dollars with their Delays, Lies, and promises that I do have proof of, so if you want to go to court, I suggest you get out your big checkbook. You'll need a very good attorney. Just as I told him, All I want is my money back, that you don't deserve and I will go away, otherwise, we'll be speaking again, I'm sure of it.

  • Ke
      29th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    For someone as yourself Mr. Rodriguez, You can try and defend Mr Vonda and his team at Axiom all you want. The facts are the facts. I don't know when you gave them your money, But I do know when I gave them mine. Our conversations began on September 10th 2007, I wired them $3770 on October 5th, 2007. As I was told and as all of their ads claim"quick turnaround" I was also told on more than 1 occation as soon as they recieved my site fee, 10-14 days we would be closing. I didn't change a thing. James Vonda might have told you some crap, like he seems to have a excuse for everything. He might be using " Your Money" for "The Family ", who knows. When did you give him your money? The farther I get into this company's dealings, the more it looks like a scam. And for you, I sent you a email directly, which you still have yet to answer. For someone trying to locate me, you'd think you would at least answer. James Soaring Eagle Vonda doesn't answer his emails either. I can also tell you when I finally decided not to do business with Axiom, January 12th, 2008. Just a bit longer than 10-14 days, wouldn't you say. Mr. Rodriguez, If you would like to go to court, I would welcome it. You, Axiom Commercial Funding, and James Soaring Eagle Vonda will look like the creeps you really are and Then Maybe I will get back my hard earned money. And by the way, I am licenced in the state of South Dakota to loan money also through my store. Call it a Pawn shop if you will, but I charge a bit more intrest than what you are talking about. I have every document to prove my claim, So lets just see what the outcome is. I have a feeling, Axiom will be operating under a " New" name very soon. I hope the public becomes well aware of their practices and NO ONE sends them a dime, If I had been aware of James Vonda's creepy bondage and slave sites and his lifestyle, highly unprofessional for someone in this industry. It might be ok in private, but not in public, I wouldn't have ever dealt with them, my fault for not checking better, but not OK for a petty thief to steal my money.

  • Ma
      9th of Mar, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Well Ken,

    Just to let you know, we just funded 8 more loans with Axiom Commercial Funding, LLC and James Soaring Eagle Vonda, this last week, so your claim is complete crap as far as my father and I are concerned. I was personally at three of the closes here in Texas, and the others were in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

    Your comment about James Soaring Eagle Vonda’s alternative lifestyle sites seems to rub you so badly, must a reason for that somewhere in your past or it just plain conflicts with your own chosen lifestyle. Personally I like the bondage and whips myself and so does my wife and our girlfriends. But I could care less about his lifestyle, as business is business and that is just the plain facts.

    For the record, your operation was nothing you stated it was, in fact with your credit scores, I would have never approved funding your loan for any LTV, especially the LTV (80%) you were asking for in the first place for any type of structure, even a dog house without James Soaring Eagle Vonda’s assurances we would not get shafted on this out of state loan.

    Facts are, according to your credit report you just don't pay your bills and I really don't want to have to own some backwoods bldg and half assed incomplete and under construction hotel in a state I will never in this lifetime visit, and probably never get rid of for enough to recoup our funds loaned on it. Don’t forget, we still have the 55 pictures and the Site Visit Report, and the pictures tell the whole story.

    Another fact, you signed a federally recognized document and knowingly and willfully falsely stated information on it. The document I am speaking of is the 1003 loan application. Better read the back page there bud. You are guilty without question of perjury as the information you supplied on that document is false and fraudulent. We have your signed version, as well as your signed lending commitment which plainly stated the conditions, which you did not comply with in the time frames you were given.

    Axiom Commercial Funding, LLC and James Soaring Eagle Vonda graciously allowed you to extend your commitment dates to be able to comply and still you drug things out, and now are blaming your actions and inability to comply within the time frames given on them, what a man you are.

    Stand up and take your medicine bud and next time read what you are signing. This loan was not made to a consumer; it was made to a business man who is supposedly responsible enough to be able to make intelligent business and financial decisions about his business. Your credit report and our background investigation of you and your business show otherwise by a huge margin. Also that item you left handing in Florida, well it’s still there and has not been forgotten by anyone.

    So I guess in a way, you are lucky you backed out and we are lucky we did not make the loan to a deadbeat such as yourself. Pay your bills and then you would not have to deal with Hard Money Lenders like Axiom Commercial Funding, LLC and James Soaring Eagle Vonda, and more importantly like my father and myself.

    Funny how bail bonds and bonding companies stick together across the US and pass info about deadbeats. Must be because we employ bounty hunters and collectors to handle our affairs and the law is always on our side. Much stronger than the pawnshops circle, although that said, several of your own brethren in the pawnshop circles in your own sates don't have anything nice to say about you, as well as many of your customers you have ripped off, stolen their property basically with your 340% APR and of course the town in general.

    Just to let you know, we have employed several of our brethren in SD and ND to help us in collecting the interest you owe us from last year, and will be following it up with a collection proceedings and a court action soon. Get ready big boy, the hammer is coming and you are the nail.


  • Ke
      11th of Mar, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Go ahead and drop the hammer "Big Boy". All I did was look for a loan from a reputable company, Not a bunch of freaks. I don't need the loan now, as you can see. I would love to meet you and soaring eagle in court. Hope you don't mind spending a little for a GOOD lawyer. You , unless you are James , I don't know, But the whole Axiom scam is BS and you know it. Funny that I haven't found one customer on this entire internet that has done business with you or Axiom. I don't owe you a dime, If you'd like, I am licenced in SD for pawn loans, I could charge Axiom intrest, But all I want is whats mine. We'll meet, I'm sure of it. Bail bonds, you'll all need one. You guys are full of it. Take me to court, I'd love it as well as my lawyer. What about this 35 years in business, What a lie that is, I'd take odds in Vegas that you guys are already changing names. We'll see what happen's. I still own my property, Still doing business, Nobody's talking bad about me on here except you, and you guys are the thieves. Its ok, what goes around comes around my friend. Your day will come. You will have to face someone a lot larger than me, Thats when the Hammer will drop. Good luck. Also, how come you haven't answered my email, If your looking for me? Nothing on my end has changed with the exception of not needing you. I was ripped off by Axiom Commercial Funding and James Soaring Eagle Vonda, That is the Fact. If you were such a huge business, and doing so great, why would you rip off a customer for any amount of money? The bad publicity isn't worth it Mr. Business man. Pay your bills and take care of your customers, you'll be better off.

  • Ke
      6th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    You know Alex, I've been waiting for your assault on me and my business. It appears that you, just like James Vonda have crawled back under the rock that you came from. I would welcome a lawsuite from either of you creeps. It would be very interesting to meet you in a court of law, however, I don't think you would want that. Hopefully the rest of the world is now aware of your business practices and avoid your company like the plague. I also have noticed that Axiom either is to busy, or doesn't have the funds to keep their corporate documents in Nevada in good standing. You would think that a legitimate company would and could keep their legal documents in order. And for this 30years in business, Tell the world where they have been licenced, Not in Nevada, thats for sure.

  • El
      26th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    It's a shame you got taken in by these clods, Ken. I came into contact with James Vonda years ago and quickly learned that he is completely, totally, and utterly full of ###. I'd lay odds that this Alex clown is, in fact, none other than James himself. A little prowling around the internet will show you all the glowing endorsements for his company which all have the same stink about them. He's a fake, a fraud, a liar, and a thief. Sorry about your money. Maybe, if you're willing to invest in a lawyer, you can track him down and sue him for it. A better investment would be to find someone willing to evict him from the planet.

  • Ke
      2nd of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Thanks for speaking up Elmer, I am sure its James that pretends to be other people claiming how great Axiom an James are. They are nothing but thieves and will get what they deserve in the end. Its funny, I still have yet to hear from 1 customer that has had a loan closed through these creeps, and their LLC out of Nevada is no longer in good standing. He'll end up in prison where he needs to be. then we'll see how he likes his "Lifestyle" that he likes to brag about so much.

  • Ga
      8th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I'm glad to be reading this. From my point of view, this matter is not being handled professionally AT ALL. Thanks for the warning - I definitely won't be doing business with Axiom Commercial Funding or Vonda. This is an important lesson for everyone - do business with professionals. Their response here is totally unprofessional and threatening. When we hear a good sales pitch it's easy to forget that it's the people who make up a business. Pay close attention to the people you are dealing with not the "golden opportunity" they are yapping about. When you get the feeling those people are negative guess what? Their business is too.

  • Ke
      23rd of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    They also Filed for bankruptcy recently...I'm sure Vonda is cooking up a new idea to take peoples money as we speak. And as for you Mr. Rodriguez, still haven't heard from you. Hopefully, all of your investments with Axiom and James are covered, since the've gone out of biz. To bad...

  • Ba
      22nd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Dear Mr. Thomason,

    I attended an Axiom "seminar" several months ago at the request of a reputable broker in my area, and I was shocked at the non-professional appearance of the staff, Mr. Vonda himself, and the marketing materials they provided -- a generic Office Depot pen (not even one with their logo on it, which costs about $0.59 to have made, even in small quantities), a plain folder, and no material to review. It ended with a hotel manager literally kicking them out of the venue for which they had not paid either for rooms OR for meeting space. While all this was loudly going on and the police were being called, one of his slaves calmly continued her presentation as if this was standard operating procedure. Needless to say, not only myself but the rest of the attendees had no idea what to do, so we all left hastily and met at a nearby coffee house. I had done some research the night before, seen your original complaint at another site, and felt like their product and "site inspection fee" seemed more like a Ponzi scheme than any sort of legitimate enterprise. Naturally, I was encouraged to look even more.

    Vonda (if that's even his real name) is hardly the scholar he thinks he is -- go check out Axiom's now-defunct website at and look at his spelling and grammatical errors -- they are the same ones made by several "commenters" above. For someone with a "masters, " you'd think he'd have an idea that dates can be written a few different ways. (Who in the hell with an advanced degree calls it a "masters, " anyway? PLEASE!)

    Also while looking around online, I saw that Vonda was denied a license in Texas, which would probably impair his ability to lend (especially others' money). I love the note to investors he has on the Axiom site -- "Investors we are in the process of repossessing properties and selling notes on foreclosures we have already taken back to payback your investments and we will be in touch shortly with the results. As Axiom Commercial Funding, LLC has ALWAYS promised, you will not loose your original investments, nor your interest yield."

    I'm sure if I was an investor, I'd LOVE to hear all about it on a generic website message. Pathetic! Let's hope he gets another scam going soon -- I'd hate those people to be out their money to fund his polygamous lifestyle. Wahooooooooooooooooooo!

    Can you say...Ponzi?

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