AwsurveyBig scam

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If you are promoting any of the program from A.Wsurvey, i advise to stop now. Because it is wasting your time and affort. They are not going to pay you. This is my experiences:-
whenever you reach the payout threshold, they will reset your earning and you never.. ever get paid, at the begining, i do not believe, i though this is technical error or what, i gave them a chance( i don't even get feedback from them after i email the team several times).
I continue to promote and reach my payout for second time, but my payment get reset agian!!
they are a big scammer in the industry!!


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      Jun 28, 2009

    I have a huge amount in my account

    6/28/2009 - We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties, we apologize if some of your information is currently not displaying correctly or if you receive an error message.

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  •   Feb 16, 2015

    Thanks my dear. I face that for 1st time and stoped. They do not email me even I requested for reset password. Funny sad.

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  •   Feb 16, 2015

    Bro can you tell me about, are scam or not? Please check and tell me bcz I found it and going work.

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