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Awning Systems / Installation problems

1 United States

5/10 Jasmine (manager) called about an estimate we received for an awning installation. She left our information and was told she would receive a call back. On 5/17 Jasmine contacted the office and accepted the proposal. Jasmine called on 5/22 because we hadn't heard from the company to set a date for install, etc. She was told to call back on 5/24. She called on 5/24 and left a message. On 5/30 @ 10:12am she called and left a message with the secretary. She was assured that Pat would call her back. On 6/1 She called and spoke with Pat. He said he needed to talk to his brother and would call by 4pm. He did not. She called again on 6/4 and spoke with Pat, who said he was "ordering" materials.

At this I got involved and called on 6/6 @ 10:45am. I was told by Pat that he needed to fit us between other jobs and it would be finished anytime between today (6/6) and two weeks. He assured me it would be done within the two weeks (6/20). On 6/27 I tried contacting Pat again and spoke with his secretary. She said she would relay the message that I needed to speak with Pat to him. I was promised that Pat would call me back that day. I tried calling 3 more times that day. On 6/28 I called his office and asked for his cell phone number. I tried a number of times to reach him on his cell phone and at the office and demanded he return my telephone call. He returned the call around 2pm on 6/28. He said that his secretary had relayed none of the messages to him and his cell phone battery was dying, which is why he couldn't reach me. He assured me the installation would be done for the holiday weekend on Friday 6/30. He went on to say that if it wasn't finished for some reason, he would complete the installation himself on Saturday 7/1 in the morning. At 4:30pm on Saturday the awning still had not been installed.

Starting at 4:45pm I tried calling his cell phone and his office. I then called information and was given his home number. After several attempts, the phone was answered by a young man who identified himself as his son. He said that his father was at the "new house" and wasn't home. He said his father had his cell phone but it was off. After several attempts to call the cell phone again it was answered by his son (???) who said his father had left the phone. I waited an hour and called again. The phone was answered this time by a woman who said that Pat had left the phone with her while he handled a family emergency. The next call to the house was answered by his son, who said that his father has been at the hospital all day with his brother (???). No calls on 7/2 were answered or returned.

On 7/3 at 7:45am I went to the Awning Systems office. From my car I called Pat's cell phone. He answered the phone and said he wasn't in yet and needed 45 minutes to get into the office. As he said this I watched Pat walk out of his office while talking to me on his cell phone and pace in front of his office. I agreed to give him the 45 minutes and waited to see what would happen. Between 7:45 and 8:10 he paced about his office and outside. Around 8:10am several of his staff arrived and I watched him interact with them. I called again at 8:35 and Pat answered. I was told by Pat "I just got into the office. Give me 5 minutes and I'll call you back. At 8:40 there was no call back. At 9:00 I watched him leave his office and climb into a white Cadillac. He drove by where I was parked. I called his cell phone and he said he was about to call me. He explained to me that there was a measurement error and part of the awning needed to be remeasured and resewn. He said that would be done in the morning and the entire project would be completed by 3:30pm today. At 5pm it was not completed. I have left several voicemail messages at the office and on his cell phone. No calls have been returned as of 8:15pm on 7/3.

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