award notifacation letter / said i won and i sent a check for 11.89

1 box 2904 Kansas KS 66110, Box 2905 Kansas City KS, KS, United States

I recieved a letter from James Mallory stating i had won 2 million dollars but in order to get the money i had to send a check or money order for 11.89 so they could process my check failure to do so would make my winnings null and void It was said it was an offical document Form W098 and I could take one lump sum or an annuity which would be 66, 667.00 (30 ) checks per year I mailed them the check yesterday and found out this morning that its just a scam it would cost me 37.50 to cancel the check which is really not going to work for me and when i find out who is behind this i want to make sure they never scam another person on this earth again and i will push want who ever to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. i tried several times to upload the letter but it keeps telling me error has anyone here ever got anything uploaded

award notifacation letter


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