Avy nailsHygeine

Occupational health &safety. I went to get a foot pedicure and my toe nails painted at Avy Nails, the process is that you soak your feet and the nail technitions shape and cut your toe nails while you receive a back massage in the chair. I was really concerned when she drew blood online toe on each foot. She then put my feet into the foot bath. I wanted to get up and leave because of the cross contamination issues related to body fluids. I consoled myself by telling myself that they would follow health and safety procedures. Much to my horror and disgust, when the lady sitting next to me left and the nail tech filled the foot spa without cleaning it at all. Then told the next customer to sit and submerge her feet. This is an Asian business and the workers can't even speak English. No wonder people get infections or sick from going to these places. In light of the recent Heppatitis A scare with the berries illustrate the contamination issues that can result in poor hygiene practices and no understanding of health and safety regulations. Please think before you use these nail salons the government need to police these establishments.

Feb 19, 2015

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