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Avis Rental Car / avis ripped us off

1 Scottsdale, AZ, United States Review updated:

We made a reservation 6 months in advance to get the best deal, as we always do. We reserved a full size car for $181.30 and had a $20.00 off coupon that was to be taken off at the counter. All was well until we returned the car and found that out bill was $355.41 when we asked why they said that they had up graded us to a larger car. We went to speak to a manager ( W.L. Butler ) and he said I had initialed it so therefore I knew about it. He said his manager would call me in the morning. The girl went over everything that I signed for and the only mention that I signed for was that I was denying the insurance and that I would bring the car back with a full tank of gas, there was absolutely no mention of any upgrade. Nobody called us and after two days of telephoning I finally got to talk to a manager (Michel Wu ). He told us unfortunately there was nothing he could do since I had initialed it. I explained to him that if I wanted to upgrade I would of used my upgrade coupon instead of my $20.00 off coupon. I had no need for a upgrade and did not want an upgrade. The car we rented was no bigger or better than most mid size cars that we rent. This is shear trickery what they did, and they know it. It may of been that they were out of full size cars. I don't know. We waited in a very long line about 45 minutes and there was still a very long line when we left. I know that they were very busy that day. A fellow that I spoke to at Avis named Jerry Mc Clunky told me that they will upgrade you if they are out of you size car and in that case it should of been a complimentary upgrade. My question is why was I upgraded? I have called my credit card company and disputed the charges, but the manager at Avis said they had a signed contract so it would do us no good. I am sick about this, This sure put a nasty finish to our wonderful vacation.

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  • Se
      3rd of Feb, 2010
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    Avis Rental Car - awful customer service
    Avis Rental Car
    United States

    I had to rent a car in a hurry for a one-way rental in a small town. I had no internet so I had to call the reservations center. I got a rate of $117.00, which I thought was high but assumed it was because it was a one-way rental. Once I got to my destination I found I needed the car for 2 more days. When I called to extend the reservation I was told the rate would be the same, $117 a day! I got online and found the exact same car for $30 on Avis' website! The reservation agent's excuse for charging 4 times that rate for my extension? Rates are subject to change.

    I asked for a supervisor and he hung up oon me. I called back and got a supervisor. She said there was nothing she could do and transferred me to someone else. That person was curt and had a horrible attitude from the start. This is a supervisors superevisor? She accused me of trying to change my original rental rate, which I was not. I explained that I simply wanted a more reasonable rate, something closer to what I could get at any other rental company AND at their website. She suggested that I return the car and then book a separate reservation because there was no way to change the rate on an extention. I told her it was a horrible business practice and that if I drove all the way to the airport to return the car I sure wasn't going to re-rent from them! Her response was "I can't help you anymore". What's their motto? We try Harder? Whatever. I will never rent from them again. There are too many other companies that deserve my business.

  • Av
      11th of Mar, 2010
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    I currently am an employee Avis Car Rental in the Northeast US. I apologize for the lack of customer service you were given by both the agent and supervisor you spoke with. When you rent a vehicle one-way (with any rental car company), and the city-pairs are not in the same market area, they rates will be higher. If you 1 day rental (24 hours period) has to be extended or you return later, the rate cannot be changed and the same daily one-way rate will apply for the each of the additional days. While that contract is open, it is still considered a one-way rental. What we suggest to customers, who rent one-way from or to our location and they think there might be a chance, or even if they do need to extend, is this...

    Say you are renting from Washington, DC to New York City, NY and it's a one day one-way rental. You tell the agent in DC, that you might need to keep the vehicle a few days longer. We suggest to the customer if they are just driving straight to the destination city and need the car locally there, to go to the location, close the one-way contract with the 24 hour period, and re-rent the same car at the local rates (which are generally lower than one-way rates). The same thing goes for us being the return location. Customer comes in from a one-way, comes in or calls inquiring about extending. We ask them to come in, close out the contract and re-rent locally at our local rates to save them money.

    You will get some agents at some locations (but not all), that seem to not be not interested in helping out the customer, by suggesting small helpful tips as this one. Please don't judge the whole company for these few agents lacking customer service skills.

  • Ja
      30th of May, 2010
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    so you are blaming someone else because you didnt read what you were signing? if that were the case, then everyone would get an upgrade then ask for it to be removed when they returned it.

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