Avinash KaurOdesk is closing my account without any proof


As I told to odesk to so many times to that my account is not attached with any other then how come Raymond (oDesk Risk Management Team) can close my account without sending me any proof or evidence)? I have to see that or odesk don't have any right to close my account without any reason if they don't have any reason or proof how could they are closing me account. I already asked for the proof but I am 200% sure Raymond and his hardworking team (who works without any proof and close the reputed account without any reason) don't have any proof. then how come he can close my account. In my previous message they are not able to sending me a single proof where they can mentioned my account is attached with other account.

Please assist me how can I revert my account back and money as well.

Thank you

Dec 30, 2014

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