Avesil / Ripped Off. Theives. Fraud

1 Coral Gables, FL, United States
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Avesil is the biggest fraud company I have ever dealt with. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT! I placed the 14 day trial order and never received it, never received a confirmation that it was shipped nothing. Month later received package with a bottle and a $95.90 BILL. PLEASE do not make the same MISTAKE by doing business with this company. They make their money buy telling you about the FREE 14 day trail but believe me it is NOT FREE. They charge you and then when you want to send it back and cancel they tell you that they will cancel future orders but they cannot give you the money back. I cannot stress enough DO NOT ENGAGE IN ANY BUSINESS TRANSACTION WITH THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU JUST LIKE TO GIVE MONEY AWAY!!!

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