Avery Ranch Golf Club / employs rich chileri racist domestic abuser/drug user

1 10500 Avery Club Drive, Austin, TX, US
Contact information:
Phone: (512) 248-2442

This golf course is ok if you don't mind the excruciatingly slow pace of play. The thing that bothers us and many of our friends is that there is a guy there named Rich Chilleri who is a verified criminal, domestic abuser and drug user. Rich Chilleri apparently is also a racist toward African Americans and Latinos (although he will try to hide it).

Why on earth would any decent person give this place any business if they are not checking who they are employing? This makes women there feel rather uneasy knowing that a person of such low character who would commit domestic violence, use drugs and is a racist would be working there.

If you have a wife, daughter, mother or sister understand this kind of guy is the kind that would likely have no issue laying hands on them. We live close by and we will not be going to this place until they clean up their act and that goes for many of our friend that enjoy golf with us.

Avery Ranch Golf Club
Avery Ranch Golf Club

Nov 27, 2017

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