Aventine Apartments at Lindberg / RUDE OFFICE STAFF

This is a COMPLAINT regarding the silly behavior of the staff in the Aventine at Lindbergh apartment complex in buckhead, Atlanta. The Managers name is Robin - the most difficult person to meet on the earth and speak to on the phone ( What kind of a manager is she if she passes the responsibilities to her junior staff ).

The two office staffs i don't know their name, they are the most unapproachable characters. They do not know how to explain things to their residents, they act silly and to a point harassing. We are new to this country and all we need is to be explained things not threatened of rigorous actions. I did want to go the office and complaint in person, but i do not think it is going to effect them and I don't feel like getting embarrassed again. I have three other friends in the complex and they told me they received the same treatment.

I want to let someone know this and also that if there are too many u haul trucks going out...they better get their act together


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