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Avalon at Aberdeen Station / Avalon at Aberdeen Station

1 1000 Central AvenueAberdeen, NJ, United States

We originally moved into building 4 because there were great rent incentives on this one apartment, we soon found out why. While my 2 year old daughter and I were trying to enter the building one afternoon we were stopped by a man. He proceeded to scream and curse at me and block my way as I tried to get away because my daughter was terrified. I tried explaining to him that while we lived above him, it could not possibly be us he was complaining about vaccuming at midnight because we had not moved in our belongings in yet from 1500 miles away. He continued to scream telling me to lock the baby in the bathroom, and that if I didn't take care of it he would come up there and do it himself. I had no doubt he would as we heard him screaming at the poor woman who lived with him every night at 1 am. I got back into my car and immediately went to the apartment office where I was told that they did not get involved in resident disputes and there was no point in talking to a manager because they would tell me the same thing. After filing a police report and forewarding it to the assistant manager, we were told we could move to another apartment in another building for no charge. We did this and were shocked to get a bill for $2400 on top of our rent to pay back the consessions on the old apartment. After fighting with the unresponsive customer service and leaving over 15 messages for the manager, I called her boss and the manager called me back in 15 minutes. They told me that they would not do anything about it except refund late fees charged every month for four months which they have yet to do. The employees at this complex could care less about anything but signing new leases, after that they don't care about you as we learned the hard way. The walls and floors are also paper thin and the windows are poorly constructed with huge drafts pooring in. We hear nightly screaming fights from our upstairs neighbors that vary from him wishing her dead to him wishing to be dead, if it gets much worse we may go up and help. If you have children, a job, or a concern for your personal safety, don't move here.
Update: In June of 2009 2 months before we moved out we discovered that we did not have allergies but were sick from BLACK MOLD in our apartment. The air filter in our air conditioner had not been changed the whole time we lived there and had frozen the condensate line causing there to be six inches of water under our a/c. This water leak caused mold in our living room, bedroom, bathroom, and closet. It was also under all of the carpets in these rooms. The maintainence people were instructed to paint over the mold. I protested this and cleaned it myself with bleach before they painted over it. The maintainence supervisor came the next day and told me that it was dead mold and I had "nothing to worry about". Knowing the Avalon's commitment to screwing residents I hired an independant company to test additional mold I found as well as the air quality in the house. The report came back and the man told me it was the carcionegenic black mold, as a result the air quality was dangerous to us, especially my asthmatic 2 year old. When I brough this to the Avalon's attention they told me that they had a signed lease and there was nothing I could do about it. When I asked them to remediate the mold they said they had by painting over it. They flatly refused to change the moldy carpet and told me if it was damaged than I would pay for it. I cleaned all of the mold with bleach, even under the bathroom vanity where I had to rip the molding off to get to it. They then brought in a "mold specialist" (who had a t-shirt on advertising a contracting company) who told me I was "overreacting" because this was just mildew from me not opening the windows enough. They painted over where I had cleaned the mold that I could find. We continued to be very sick in the apartment so I again asked the office if we could move out early they said we could move out whenever we wanted to but we would pay our rent until our lease was up. We were renovating a house so we were not able to pay for another rent. As soon as the bathrooms were done in our house we moved in. Moving out of the Avalon was the best move we ever made. If you don't want to get sick from black mold, don't move here.

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