Avalon Apartments Tinton Falls / Terrible Place to Rent

1 100 Autumn Drive, Tinton Falls, NJ, United States

I lived here in a two bedroom apt for a year. I could not get out quick enough. The price is OUTRAGEOUS for the quality and service here. The washer machine sounds like a helicopter is landing in your apartment, appliances were dirty when we first moved in and broke constantly, my toilet wouldnt flush and when I had maintenance there multiple times they were annoyed and said "thats apartment living"... which is a phrase that became something we would hear OVER AND OVER whenever we had an issue. When we first moved in there were people across the hall that would constantly be partying, throwing beer cans over their balcony blasting music, would get drunk and lock eachother out into the hallway where they would scream and bang on everyones doors waking us up between 12 and 3 am every weekend night. We also had issues with people below us, screaming and fighting, music blasting all day and night. When we brought this issue up with the staff they were rude and completely unresponsive and here again we were told "thats apartment living". There are a lot of low income housing tenants who are loud, disrespectful and don't exactly make you feel comfortable or safe living around. There were multiple car thefts, and one evening when a fellow tenant was at the pool one day she saw a group of "shady" looking people with someone walk out of an apartment and around the parking lot and they had the holster on a gun sticking out of their belt. The longer we stayed the more issues arose, and the more the staff made it seem as though it was "us" with the problem. We were so completely disgusted and couldnt believe how everything was handled. This place is horrific, I wouldnt suggest it to my worst enemy let alone a family member or friend. I have lived in many other areas and places and these are issues that are not appropriate and are absolutely NOT just " A part of apartment living". Additionally, young children are allowed to run around the apartment complex for hours w no parental supervision screaming, running in front of cars, at the pool etc. One particular instance I heard a woman complaining at the pool that she felt she had to keep an eye out on the kids at the pool who had no guardians with them, including a 2 year old boy who was there with his 7 year old sister for hours a day, NO PARENTS. People leave garbage in the hallways, speed through the parking lot blasting music at all hours, and the constant smell of pot is not unusual at all times during the day. So, to pay an obscene amount of money to live in a ghetto doesnt really seem too worthwhile.


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