AutoTire Alignment / Dishonest Service

3300 Lemay Ferry Rd, Mehlville MO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (314) 487-1205

I brought my car to these guys for a wheel alignment, i called them in the morning to ask if they where able to fit me in for that day and was told it would not be a problem. I dropped the car of around 9:30am, around 5:30pm I still have not herd back and I called to ask about it and was told it will be done today and found that closing time was 7:00pm. It was 6:50 and I still have not heard back, so again I call. I ask has my car been finished and was told no and given some story about the tech that was supposed to do it. He assured me it would be done first thing next morning. It was 12:45 the next day and still have not herd from them. Now comes where they really screw me over, the store managers name is Phillip Adney. I call the shop at 12:50 and ask about my car, I was talking to one of the techs. He told me they where not able to properly align the car with the tires that where on it, this was never disclosed to me before the service was preformed. I then become aware that I was being taken. He offers to put the store manager on the phone to further explain, I decline so to speak with him in person. I arrive and ask for the manager and was surprised to find I was speaking to him due to his appearance. I than disagree I should pay for a service that was not preformed properly. I was unable to obtain my key without paying. I ask for copes of all my paper work after our discussion on there services, and i was on my way... While driving home the car felt no different than before dropping it off, the car pulled strongly to the left. Again there was no pre disclosure of needing good tires to preform an alignment, if this is even true...

Mar 9, 2014

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