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Its true, its a scam. I wish I would have read this first. (other complaints) They have no real number, can't chat and won't return your emails. Just take your money. Those [censored].

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  • Wo
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    Hello Everyone,

    This is Drew from the Staff. While many companies are afraid to respond to criticism on, we love hearing from visitors/customers and replying to them when they contact us directly or otherwise. Before continuing on, please remember that allows anyone to post anything without facts. This means people who post here don't have to leave any identifying information that allows us to help them.

    That's not fair to a business that is legitimately honest like ours and does actually care what the customer thinks about both our products and services.

    As for customers who post here, we can't be sure who they are, what they bought, or even if they are actual customers since again, they provide no information allowing us to help them here.

    Finally, remember that every business will have a few unhappy customers. We are lucky enough to only have 3 here after nears a decade in business (and two of them were during Christmas in 2008 when products typically become unavailable due to a sell-out). What is the most common reason for a customer complaint?... a product is unavailable. If this is the case as the post here claims, we don't charge for an order. Of course, we would love to help them out, but anonymous claims are difficult to assess. In addition, our email, phone number and mailing address is all listed on our Contact page. We love giving people every opportunity to contact us and claiming otherwise rings untrue if every other customer was able to contact us without trouble.

    We look forward to helping everyone else out and thank you for reading this. More businesses should post here simply to remind people that anonymous complaints can help, but also hurt the vendors who are providing genuine customer support. Thanks.

  • Ma
      21st of Oct, 2009
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    Sorry Drew, but I don't see your phone number anywhere on your site. I"m not sure if you do that on purpose so that you don't get calls, but looking at your contact us page, there is not one single phone number on there.

    My order has not arrived, and I would like to call you. Please provide your phone number so that customers can reach you to resolve these issues.

  • Ke
      15th of Nov, 2013
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    I think that customer service is on a steady downward spiral. Case in point. I ordered 2 wipers (for a 2008 Dodge Avenger) which were original OEM. Dodge had dropped the Bosch wipers for inferior wipers and I need them from a independant supplier. I had previously had ordered wipers from Autothing in the past. Back in 2004/2005 I had called Autothing to make sure my wipers I was ordering were going to fit. Got an English speaking polite woman on the phone who helped me get my order correct. I then ordered the same wipers from Autothing in 2009. No problems. Oh, and by the way, these wipers last that long. Roughly 2 ~ 3 years. I faithfully ordered my wipers the third time. Well when they arrived, the ### who picked and placed the order didn't read the box. I got one wiper which was the same every time, then the other wiper was the wrong type. Bosch Icon wipers have other types of the same name. You have to read the box and be educated enough to understand the box numbers. I tried calling Autothing, I emailed them several times. To no avail. Pay attention Autothing and your employees please pay attention...Answering machines are NOT customer service. Email is not a good customer service tool either, should only be used for corrispondence of non-panic type (if a praise ever happens). Ligitimate problems should be solved over the phone. It's quick, convenient and when a customer is panicking and is not happy, this is the only LIGITIMATE way of calming them down. My problem was the same. Waiting days on end for a email response is terrible especially since your return policy is only valid 15 days (a crock of you know what) and you make me pay for the return. Another tip for the Autothing employees, go to Amazon and mirror their customer service. You'd be a good company if you do. Wrong order, no problem, call them, get a replacment sent via no charge and expedited post. Now that's customer service!!
    Secondly, I don't care if you care at all. All I care about is that you fix my order. I paid $92 canadian (shipping is horrible for price) and I expect to GET MY ORDER CORRECTED. However, in light of my disgruntle feelings, I've officially boycotted your business.
    So it's clear to me and anyone that reads that if you go from friendly phone staff, to bumbling idiots, then you don't get my business.

  • Ri
      8th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    I ordered something off this website and only received a conformation email no tracking number for USPS. I emailed and called no reply. Scam I think so. $300 dollar mistake

  • Ca
      17th of Jan, 2015
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    I was told my order had shipped November 30th 2014. It is now January 17. 2015 and have sent 3 emails and left a message on their phone. No response and have not received my order either. Very disgusted with this company and the loss of $160.00. You can be sure I will continue to spread the word about this horrible company. They gave me an order number. Mine was 23964 but no way to track the parcel by mail. Don't trust this company!!! You will only lose your money and they won't return calls or emails!!!

  • Ba
      6th of Sep, 2016
    0 Votes

    Hey Drew, your company is a complete SCAM! I've wrote you twice, called twice with NO response at all from anyone! I contacted the Illinois Better Business Bureau and they STILL have not heard anything from you. So, now I'm getting a hold of all Chicago's news companies to do their investigation into your Autothing ... You are unbelievable to take hard working people's money and run. Enough is enough - I'm dedicated to expose the fraud that you are pulling on everyone! Here's my order number so there is NO mistake on who you're dealing with - 20570 from July 10, 2016.

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