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Do Not Trust These Guys!!! I purchased a 2005 Nissan Titan from Juan at Autos Direct Online in february of 2011. I saw it on ebay and called to verify condition, etc. I was told the vehicle had a clean car fax, drove great, didn't smell, no rust, no accidents. Because I live in CO and they seemed reputable, I purchased the truck over the phone. They told me shipping would be about 2 weeks. almost 8 weeks later the truck arrived. The delivery guy showed up on Easter sunday and demanded cash to release the vehicle. I had already paid shipping to the dealer. Where do I get $600 cash on Easter Sunday!!! They dropped the truck off in the rain. When I got in to drive, there was no power steering. The power steering pump was seized because it was bone dry. I called Juan and he said for me to fix it at a local dealership and that they would reimburse me for the cost. They never did. I called Juan no fewer than 15 times and he kept telling me that I needed to talk to 'Vince'. I called and left voicemails for Vince 11 times and sent him 4 emails recounting my experience and attached the receipt I was to be reimbursed for. I have never heard from him. The tires were bald upon delivery and had to be replaced immediately. The battery died within 1 week and I was stranded 60 miles from home. There are obvious paint touch ups and overspray, evidence of an obvious attempt to hide body damage. The under carriage is completely rusted. The brakes had to be replaced within the 1st month. The tech that did the break job said that the seals on both differentials were gone and that there was water in them. Get this... there wasn't a drop of oil in the engine when they delivered the vehicle!! Almost a year later I just traded the vehicle because it has been such a disaster. When the dealer ran the VIN# they informed me that it had been in an accident in 2009! I have copies of the ebay listing that lists this truck as in great shape, clean car fax, no rust, runs perfect etc. It was all a lie. Do yourself a favor and buy elsewhere. These guys are dishonest and downright criminal.

Bottom line: They sold my a pile of junk and refuse to return phone calls. Because of the distance between us there isn't much I can do about it... except warn others.

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  • Mu
      18th of Apr, 2012

    I wish I saw this post!!! All of the reviews on the webpage are good. I bet they are fake! We are from WI, almost the same thing happened. My husband flew there to see the car himself and drive it back. They knew this!!! Still said car was perfect! When my husband took it for a drive...the stick shift was shakng the whole time he was driving it, the undercarriage was rusted, so bad chunks of rust could be riped out! Lights were not working. It was bad! They also said carfax was clean, i dont believe it. My husband lost the money for the tickets and I still dont have a car. They take advantage of out of state customers. If you dont live in OH dont even bother with these criminals.

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  • Gr
      20th of Dec, 2012
    AutosDirectOnline - Incompetant or Fradulent Representation of Vehicle
    5330 Smith Road
    Brooks Park
    United States
    Phone: 4453057360

    Terrible Experience, Fradulent representation of vehicle, Fully Misrepresented their Inspection Process!
    I purchased a $13, 600 Audi wagon from ADO, December 3rd. I was told that the car was covered under warranty for 30 days or first 1000 miles. I was also told the vehicle" was "fully operational" after being driven by the sales rep @ ADO, Mr Dan Caldwell, prior to delivery. It was delivered to my home town 400+ miles away by an auto transport. I drove it 1-2 miles towards home when it stalled and was unable to be restarted. Towed, the mecahnic says the car is "very sick". The turbo is blown and oil has been leaking in to the exhaust system ruining it as well, further more the car had been in a major accident in the past. The repair estimate is $6000+. I contacted my sales rep, Mr Caldwell. Slow to respond, he eventually had the sales director, Mr Juan Rosario, contact me who said he would talk it over with the owner, but stated "you have my word" that we will fix this issue so that "you are fully satisfed".
    That following day the owner of ADO, Mr Vince Hugo wrote that "Unfortunately we can't help you with this car. We inspected it and found no issues with the car before shipment. We would never ship out a car that had a bad turbo.Sorry for the incovenience and let me know if you have any questions." After posting my first complaints, the owner Mr Vince Hugo, then wrote me again stating "Now that you have exercised your right to post a negative portrait of our company, we are no longer interested in working anything out."
    I recommend that anyone considering from buying from this company be extremely cautious!!!

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