Autonationegregiously poor customer care

I spoke to someone at your office, weeks ago, regarding egregiously poor service from your AutoNation VW location in Buford, GA. This was regarding an extended warranty contract that needed a major revision, due to having been screwed up by their office, at the time of VW CC purchase (07 Dec 2017).

I was told that someone def would be back in touch with me, as one of my complaints was that the Buford GM simply ignored my calls, and their receptionist would no longer pick up my calls. However, even YOUR office did not get back to me.

Fortunately, days later, I was able to get the revised contract, but not before intractable damage has been done.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Buford, GA I doubt I will ever, EVER do business will AutoNation, again. IT would have to make some highly warranted good faith gestures to me, in order that I consider a different sentiment toward you.

And I was even talking to the Buford location about the possibility of purchasing the soon-to-be-release Arteon model, which looks awesome. I guess that convo will have to be gated to another VW dealership.

Until this occurrence the December buying experience, there at Buford, had been THE best car-buying experience of my adult life, which I immediately shared with them. Apparently, only one of us meant what we respectively stand for.

Too bad!!

Jun 23, 2018

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