Autonation Corporate5 days return policy/ finance nissan rates/ warranty cpo wrap

1- Why is Autonation advertising that buyers have 5 days return no questions asked with the dealers don't respect that?
I signed the financing paper to buy a Nissan Altima 2015 CPO last 05/20/2018 at 7:20pm
The car was delivered to me on 05/21/2018 at 3:30pm
After too many issues and no clear responses from Autonation dealer I went back to the store on 05/25/2018 4 days after having received the car and 5 days after had papers done
The Sales manager CARLOS RODRIGUES didn't accept in any circumstance my car back saying a car is not a shirt I can use and return and he had payed already everybody involved in the car sales. The affirmation about return policy was expired on Thursday 05/24/2018 was confirmed also by OCTAVIO SALAZAR.

2- Should I trust in car services by Autonation dealers?
After my car had some of the previous issues fixed, I went to the Service Department in Margate Ford Dealer to make sure next step to scheduling maintenance and was told they don't have any history from my car because never had any any services in Margate store but they confirmed had services done with Autonation. They pulled up the service record and found records from the Vin number and in Miami Nissan, however the mileage record did not match mileage on car when sold to me ( records showed more miles than car has now) Did someone change mileage to sell for more money? They couldn't print the history because have the last owner's information on it . I took a picture of the record They said I should call the sales to get the carfax history.

Asked for the carfax from the sales department in Margate and found out the car had services done in Chevrolet Doral and Nissan Miami.
Called both service Departments and no one found any records of services for my car, they checked the vin number and found no record of service. I asked how could don't have it if Carfax mentioned specifically services done from them and the answers was I should ask the sales man about it but they don't have any history.

3- Should I trust on Finances?
As signing my finances with OCTAVIO SALAZAR he explained to me about the advantages of having the 'wrap' extension warranty plan from Nissan and the price was special as getting for the cpo dealer at the time buying the car so I got it. Checking my papers in home I found out Octavio Salazar talked about Nissan Gold extension warranty plan and gave me the paper to sign getting Autonation Extension Plan.
I drove from Margate to Miami to get CPO car and get the wrap from Nissan and he told me I was getting Nissan and between the papers he gave me Autonation Warranty.

4- Why Finances Specialist is not trustful in Autonation?
At the same time Octavio Salazar gave me 450 as incentive from Nissan and I discovered I had a choice as CPO car to get or 450 or 3.99 finance rate BUT he never mentioned that for me. I would have chosen 3.99 finance if i had been given a choice.
I opened a case with Nissan Corporate and I went back to talk with Octavio Salazar and he said I am sorry but I can't do nothing for you anymore because all papers are signed. I asked his manager Fernando in finance to talk to me; and the Manager crossed his arms and said the best I could do was refinance my car with any bank as my score is very good and get a better rate!

5- Why does Autonation have a customer service line ? I have called Autonation customer service 4 different times on 4 different days between the 22nd of May and 2nd June talking with 5usan, Ilene, Christine, and Michelle and have still not heard back from anyone at corporate.

I would really appreciate someone calling to have answers on all these issues especially about I was looking for my wrap from Nissan and never had mentioned I wanna from Autonation. Having Nissan protection for my CPO car is specifically why I stopped my previous negotiation on this car in Margate Ford and drove until Miami Nissan to get it.

Thanks for the attention,

Suzete Nunes Rego.

Jun 06, 2018

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