Automotive Diagnostic CenterTerrible experience

When I first came to this place, I thought they were very nice and seemed to have good customer service. Then, after more the 6 weeks of my car still being unfixed my feelings have changed.

They said my car would be ready in 6 days and would keep me updated. 6 days past, no call. I called them and they say it'll be ready by the end of the next week due to 'finding' more problems. They quoted price increased to an extra thousand dollars.

Weeks past and they say my car's ready and can be picked up. I was told my car would run a 'rough' but the day before they said 'it was running great!' When I finally turn my car on, it doesn't sound like it used to. It sounded horrible, it had a late start (problem I never had before), it didn't accelerate, it would shut off whenever I slowed down, and had shut off whenever I made a turn. In which I had to use my emergency brake and pull off to the side of the road multiple times. The car would shut off at every stop and wouldn't start up after 3 or 4 times.

I was pissed! Not only my car doesn't feel or sound right, but they returned my car to me when it wasn't safe to drive! I even took my car to a big dealership to inspect their work and sure enough, the work on my car wasn't complete.

I believe Automotive Diagnostic Center had no idea what they were doing with my car. So I After spending almost over six thousand dollars from this experience, I definitely don't recommend this place to anyone. It'd be better off if the business was closed forever. My car still doesn't run the same since.


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