Automobile Consumer Service Corp. / Stick to the dealer when getting a warranty

United States

The EGR cooler went on my Ford deisel. I went to my mechanic and he called ACS to check on coverage. My contract clearly reads EGR valve is not covered. EGR cooler is an entirely different part of the vehicle, it cools the gas going INTO THE ENGINE. They refused coverage stating this was part of the EXHAUST system. I called Ford, they told me it is not part of the EXHAUST system. My mechanic told me it is NOT part of the EXHAUST system. I paid $3051 to ACS for "Peace of Mind for that next bump in the road." My cost of repair will be $1400, which should be covered. Their contracts will get them out of any repair they want to avoid paying. You could almost say the gas tank is part of the exhaust system, because the fuel eventually winds up there. It is my belief this company is run by absolute crooks. Ask an employee for their last name when you call them and see what they tell you, yet they have my last name and address. Stick to the dealer when getting a warranty.

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