Auto Pedigree Nelspruithyundai 120

my wife and I bought a car from Auto Pedigree Nelspruit 3months back, the car had no power we took it back for them to fix. They sent us from pillar to post until I forced them to do something about it, they gave me courtesy car for a month. After we received it the starter still had problems,. even after I told them about petrol pump and ignition still had same problems. They said they'll fix it after 21days. I have never been given spare keys, when we bought it they said we have two year warranty on the car. Now I have been driving the car for a month it has given me trans bearing problem I took it to them and no courtesy car given to me. Its been 3 days without a car. I have requested them to sell us another car since that this one has big problems they don't want to instead they sending me a warranty form that say they wont fix it again

Dec 05, 2018

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