Auto One WarrantyPolicy Coverage/Claim Process

My husband purchased this warranty for an old minivan we own and he passed away last year. When I called to inform them that I need assistance since the vehicle has transmission problems, they advised me that they cannot help me unless I pay $50.00 to transfer the policy to my name. I immediately sent the payment as I don't have any other vehicle to use to go to work. While waiting, I had to rent a car. My auto insurance does not cover car rentals for repairs.

I called the New Jersey office whom I sent my transfer payment to verify if they had received my paperwork. They told me to call California, the claims office. In order for them to help me, I had to mail and fax copies of the service receipts (e.g. oil change) from the time the policy was purchased. I complied.

After 2 1/2 weeks of calling back & forth, they said that they need a transmission specialist for full disgnostics. Since I don't have a lot of savings, I asked them if they will cover for the $300-$600 cost. They said, they cannot guarantee.

My vehicle has been "non-operation" for 3 weeks now. Still waiting for the authorization for the transmission. I have faxed the missing receipt that they apparently did not receive the first time I sent the service records.

I don't see any hope on this claim process. The customer service representatives are transferring me back and forth and no one is willing to help.

I checked the Better Business Bureau to check this company out and they are not listed. I doubt that this company is operating legitimately.

Be warned, Auto One Warranty is only out there to get your money.

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