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Like the compaintants for Auto Sellers Network, I received a telephone call from a representative stating they had several buyers for my vehicle at my asking price. I have it currently listed with and because it is in perfect condition, I am asking top dollar. He told me their company offers financing to buyers who can't qualify elsewhere and these buyers must buy a vehicle listed on their website. Additionally, the buyers are unable to negotiate the price and therefore I would be guaranteed my asking price. (The company would not need to inspect the vehicle.) I would need to pay $500 up front, but my asking price would be $500 higher and the advertising would therefore be free to me. The buyer would be paying the "advertising cost.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Las Vegas, NV" I told him I would be happy to use them, but would only let them take the $500 off the sales price and send me the check first. Of course he said he could not do that. The reason was the company does not have a broker's license. It sounded very fraudulent to me, so I told him I would need to do some research. <br />
<br />
The address listed is a post office box at Mainly Mail and the lady their said they forward Auto Marketing Group's mail to Canada once a week. She could not give me anymore information. I also came across an "article" written by someone at Auto Marketing Group that advertise their business. The phone number at the bottom of the "article" was [protected] and went to Auto Seller Network. Therefore, since Auto Seller Network has so many complaints against them with the BBB and their accredidation was revoked in 12/2009, they have obviously changed to a new name. STAY AWAY FROM AUTO MARKETING GROUP. IT IS THE SAME AS AUTO SELLERS NETWORK.

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  • Li
      Jul 20, 2010

    Thanks for the warning..they almost got me.

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  • Ca
      Jul 26, 2010

    I was just about to use their services. Then I read this and a couple of other blogs. Glad I didn't send them the ca$h.

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  • Ja
      Jul 28, 2010

    They hound you relentlessly too asking for a credit card number.

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  • Da
      Aug 03, 2010

    They unfortunately got me. I am now $500 poorer and have nothing to show for it. I have called then numerous times but their customer service is absolutely terrible. I am not going down without a fight. I didn't sell my vehicle within the 90 days so they should send me my money back. I have Government Proof that I did not sell it... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM, YOU WILL REGRET IT!

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  • Nt
      Aug 05, 2010

    They got a family friend.. Whats the best course of action? Any advice would be great

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  • Je
      Aug 05, 2010

    I received a call recently, after posting an ad to sell my car on line. At first they were really nice, explaining in a round about way how their "company" functioned. I requested an email with information regarding the details and fine print. I of course had zero intention of paying that money upfront. To which I was asked "what, you don't have $400". After reading through the website and reviews I decided I didn't want to entertain these phone calls anymore. When they called back to see if I had time to think it over I said I wasn't interested. The guy on the phone freaked out, asking me why I wasted his time and his clients time, that he had someone waiting for the car. Obviously, in my eyes anyway, this is a scam. Stay far away from this place, as the saying goes if it sounds too good to be true, it is!!!

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  • Ro
      Aug 19, 2010

    There are several of these 'sales and financing' companies. I recently listed my luxury car on, hoping to invite genuine buyers. I recd. calls from "Longwood Inc." and the from "Auto Marketing Group". Both wanted $100 and $500 respectively to arrange for a buyer/find and finance a buyer etc. Of corse, money up front.
    Looking up Google showed several complaints exposing these scams. Caveat Emptor Buyer beware
    If it is too good to be true: then it is a fraud

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  • Ga
      Sep 08, 2010

    I am amazed that this type of business practice is even allowed. I recieved a call today, and the JUNIOR SALES REP, which is never a good title by the way and he was the rudest, unprofessional person I have ever talked to in my life. If you're gonna be a scammer, at least do it professionally LOL!

    No interest in doing business with anyone asking money before the sale! This has SCAM written all over it.

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  • J1
      Sep 09, 2010

    I got 2 calls today and I don't know why (since I don't get convinced into weird things) the third person on the phone was a nice lady that convinced me to give her my credit card number. I was on the phone with her more than half an hour and checked their site but at the time I didn't think of checking the forums so I got screwed. After seeing all the comments and not getting the email from them with my login information I tried to called them but couldn't even get through.
    Is there a way to fight this back? Could I just dispute the amount on my credit card when they charge it?

    There has to be something consumers can do with scam like this.

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  • Ka
      Sep 13, 2010

    I also had 2 people call me with this service today, the latter of the two called me a dumb [censor] after declining his offer.
    The thing that stood out the most in my mind was the fact that they kept asking me questions about the car that were CLEARLY indicated in the ad. They call knowing nothing at all about the car which indicates to me right away that they are reading off a very basic listing database.

    Do not fall for this. The number one rule in this case would be: If it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is.

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  • Ri
      Sep 13, 2010

    @J13.. I think you can definitely call your credit card and dispute it stating that they had no authorization whatsoever to charge it. Chances are they will investigate and find out it was a scam... ( Unless you have Bank of America- their customer service is awful...)

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  • Gg
      Sep 15, 2010

    This happenened to me also. They scamed me and the guy's name is Richard Stone of Nevada. He lied and took my money.. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I am working on getting my money back and I will. Has anyone else gotten thier money back? If so, post how you did please. When I get mine back I will also post. I am also notifiying Wal Mart because this is the big name in which he used to sell his Bull [censor]..

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  • Gg
      Sep 15, 2010

    This is what you need to do if these people ripped you off also. Call Federal Trade Commision at [protected] and file a complaint. Then Call California Attorney Generals office at: [protected] make another complaint. Then go to the website and also file a complaint. It takes a few minutes but is rewarding and it will help to close these scammers down.

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  • De
      Oct 12, 2010

    On the phone, the agent promised that if the car didn't sell in 12 weeks, they refund "the fee." In the subsequent E-mail, it shows that the advertising fee of $400 will be refunded (supposedly) but not the $100 listing fee.

    I explained that I was not going to tie up my car for 12 weeks because if I purchased another car and they failed to sell mine, I would be stuck with two cars. She replied, "But you will get the fee refunded!" leading me to believe that she was either a very inexperienced salesperson, or not very bright.

    I wonder whether the phone operators know that they are participating in a scam? The e-mail is to a general mailbox, [protected] and will not reach the salesperson.

    My offer to anyone out there: Send me $500 and I will promise to sell your car or give you back $400 after 12 weeks.

    Denny Crane, Esq.

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  • Cr
      Nov 19, 2010

    I had these mother****ers call me. I knew it was a scam. I told them a legitimate company wouldn't have a blocked number and to quit stealing people's hard earned money and get a legitimate job and a legitimate company and then I hung up. The guy called me back almost 30 times within 5 minutes. Ignoring the calls didn't work. I answered and told him to f off and quit harrassing me. They kept on. The only thing that worked was to answer the phone and just be completely silent and just let it stay on til he got bored and hung up. Isn't that the sign of a legitimate company and legitimate business?

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  • Jk
      Nov 22, 2010

    I don't know if this is a scam or not, as I did not sign up for their services. However, I can confirm all of the horrible experiences on this website. Here is my story...
    I listed my car on a popular website and recieved relentless phone calls and emails from their sales staff. Finally, one sales representative got a hold of me and pitched a great sounding offer. The problem was that they wanted $500 up front and my credit card number. I told him I needed to see the offer in writing of some sort of contract before I would give him that information. He said our conversation was being recorded and that that was enough of a contract. I told him I don't do buisness that way. He told me that he had a buyer lined up and that if I didn't sign up now, then we would probably loose them, etc... I told him again I wont do buisness unless I see in writing everything he was offering. He finally relented and said he would sent me information by email. I recieved his information which was not much more than a sales pitch with a link to their website. There was nothing contractual. I did some research and found a lot of negative experiences with this company as well as an "F" with the BBB. I didn't find a single positive comment.
    He called me back a few days later. I told him that I wasn't going to do buisness with them. He asked me why not. I told him because I can't find anything possitive about his company and that they had an "F" rating with the BBB. He told me the BBB was a scam. I told him that I hardly think so, but even so, I couldn't find anything positive about his company so I wasn't going to risk it.
    At this point he then got angry at me and told me I should have called him before searching the internet. He then accused me of being a liar because I promised to call him. I replied that I had never promised to call him and that I only told him I would review his email. He then accused me again of wasting his time, that he had a buyer ready to buy and now lost them because I didn't pick up the phone the day before, etc...
    At this point I called him out on everything he had just said as "one liners" that I had read online were given to others. I told him we were done and there was no reason discuss this any further. He replied that he understood and "thanks for wasting his time". He then hung up.
    So that was my experience, you decide if you want to take a risk and do buisness with a company like this.

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  • Pa
      Dec 02, 2010

    i fell for there trap and now im trying to fight for my money back i was called for a week straight and finally was convinced to sighn up auto marketing group bt a Todd Baker. he called me every single day, and the day i finally signed up i couldnt get ahold of him. i called the phone opperators 5 min later from signing up and asked if they could cancel my charge on my credit card. shannon the phone opperator told me no i had to wait 90 days, i then spoke with a richard stone 3 weeks later telling him i cant get ahold of anyone and no 1 will call me back. i also confronted him of all the bad things they have done to people and the shady buisness their running. he told me thay were a couple of kids on the internet trying to bash their company by posting multiple commants and he also told me that the bbb is a clan and that you have to buy your rating and that auto marketing group wont participate in buisness with them which is why they have an ( F ). yeaaaaahhhh rite. lol then i spoke with a vince he told me he was going to fully refund me and told me that i dont have to fill out the refund form because it didnt apply to me. he said that the form was only for people who used there service for 90 days and wanted there money back and i only used it for a month and no 1 would call me back. i waited 3 MONTHS AND STILL NO CHECK. no im fighting it and need help proving my case. ther telling my capital one company that im not following there proceders. whoever else is going through this same thing, print everything you can about this fradulant company and send it as evidence to your credit card company. oh and ELITE AUTO MARKETING IS THE SAME THING DONT FALL FOR IT!

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  • Ma
      Dec 02, 2010

    I am in Canada, and was unfortunately taken by these scam artists. I asked them very very specifically what would happen is I sold my own vehicle within this period and I was told that I would need to send my bill of sale and that the money would be refunded. When I said the 400 refund was all fine and dandy but I did not want to pay the $100.00 fee, to which the rep promised that I would be refunded that amount as well but that they usually did not do that for people. I sold my car today (the only reason I went with them was because I was desperate to sell it quickly) and when I called to get the process for my refund I was advised that because I did not wait the 90 day period I would not be getting my money back at all. I ask, if I was aware of this, and desperate to sell me vehicle, why on earth would I give them 90 days? and why or why would I sell it only 20 days before my 90 period was up? I am in the midst of disputing with my credit card company. They told me that the coversation was recorded when I agreed to this but that all subsequent correspondance was not recorded. Conveniently, these were phone calls of both myself and my husband being promised things that were not true. I did read through the contract and then called them again because I noticed it was not exactly what was discussed. They did, however, make their promises again and their contract was conveniently worded to be confusing. I am not sure where to go from here if my credit card company decides that it is legitimate. I don't have any other evidence, although I was sure that they emailed me these guarantees in writing (I know asked my husband to make sure of it) but now I can not locate the email any longer. I guess I need to be less trusting and more careful with my paperwork, but they prey on the desperate I guess. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • Wr
      Dec 03, 2010
    Auto Marketing Group - No refund after 90 days like specified

    As you all are talking about this scam, you guys are right about this scam. Don't do it like I have, as I'm still trying to get my money back from these A-holes. My representitive was Named Justin Brown and he is never around. Today I called the number and it was a girl and she ask for my phone number and I just say I want to talk to Justin Brown as that is who I'm dealing with. All of a sudden it goes silent as she had hung up her phone. So that through me to consider other options in trying to get me my $546.94 back. As they had agreed for the full refund after 90 day, which was Nov. 19/10. So if anybody has any idea in getting my money back please let me know. I have sent emails and not replying back yet as of today december 03/10. Let me know please as I want to get these scam artist so they don't pull others in.

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  • Sa
      Dec 10, 2010

    Ive used the service and the agent Justin Brown he is an amazing person and gets the job dont efficently and meticulous with every call...if your signed up NOV 19 YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR YOUR REFUND FOR 90 DAYS, you are less then a month into the program be patient Mr. Brown is the best at what he does -

    [regards] Salvator

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  • To
      Dec 11, 2010

    scam!!! scam!!! scam!!! read this...
    i posted my add on kijiji selling my bmw z3 and i got a call from them, his name was jason brown.
    he told me that he had a buyer for me but i had to pay $500 first. he said that the 3rd party had bad credit.
    thats why he's using him, "automarking" helps people who have bad credit get finance. so this is what he said
    that after i paid he will send the 3rd party to my house with the cheque to my name. scam all over this so i called visa and
    they said that they will back me up. after i paid the 3rd party didn't want the car anymore. so i called jason and i wanted my money back. he never called back and they said that his not in today (they ask for your tele number) ok i called 15min later
    with my number blocked and ask to talk to jason because a friend referred me to him, there he was working away for his hard earn money. so to make a long story short i had to wait 90 days to get my money back right. wrong!!! they told me that when i
    first registered with them i had 7 day to mail them a register mail saying that if I'm qualified for full money back refund.
    so i did what anyone with visa would do and that is to call them. after telling them everything, they decided to give me ALL my money back thank you VISA!!! not only is it a scam they make money on the interest rate on everyones $500 that they hold for 90 days thats if the person gets all there money back. Its sad to see people settle and accept to work screwing other people for a job that probably pays them $9.50hrs. i guess that las vegas for you a sucker born every min! know the question is who's the sucker they are, or "we" are...

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  • Ly
      Dec 11, 2010

    Was contacted by "AMG" (Auto Marketing Group) yesterday and given a line that they had a buyer for my 2007 Sebring and needed to get me registered immediately so that they could process the sale. I was asking too many questions and was then handed over to a manager who cut the $500 fee to $250. Fortunately my cell phone battery died and this gave me an opportunity to research "AMG". My sympathy goes out to anyone who has enlisted with these folks because you can kiss away the $100 advertising fee and unless you manage to align your paperwork with the phases of the moon you won't get back the other $400. /lp

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  • Ca
      Jan 12, 2011

    I am also another victim of Automarketing Group. They called me after I posted an ad on autotrader and offered to sell my car quickly. I felled for their scam and they charged $520 on my VISA and now they tell me they can not refund my money back because I was late in submitting my refund request. If anyone has been successful in getting their money back please advise on how to pursue them. Thanks. [protected]

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  • Ma
      Jan 27, 2011

    Here's is the best Customer Service line when i called about my money and my car they said, "THANK YOU FOR WAISTING OUR TIME" not only from the Agent who handles my car(his name is Alex Jones). Also the supervisor said the same thing. And this was a week before Christmas 2010. I am working on getting my money back. I learn from this. And I pray to God for these kind of people.

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  • Sl
      Jan 31, 2011

    As of now I am still fighting them for my 400 hundred dollars. I was told that I sent in my proof of ownership too late after the 90 day period was up. After calling and Having them verify that proof was indeed faxed in perfect time the rep said she would call back. I have to say I have probably been promised a call back from this company 15 times and have not once received anything. I call at 12 central time an they say the refund venter isn't open yet. Idk what I'm gonna do. I paid with a visa credit card like someone commented earlier but have no idea how to go about talking to them about a refund. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Bz
      Feb 01, 2011

    This is a scam, I wish I had read about them before signing up with them. They don't tell you that you have only 7 days after 90 days period to request a refund nor that it has to be certified and its is at their discretion to send you a refund at all. I posed my car with them for 90+ days and did not get a single call. They got my number from craig's list. Stay away from this and spread the news. There must be a better way to protect consumer.

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  • Je
      Feb 03, 2011

    I too fell for AMG’s (Auto Marketing Group) scam and trying to get my $399 back from them but they are con artists and very good at what they do so it isn’t easy. I’ll tell you why it may be difficult to get money back from them.
    1. Very well organized and well documented of what you have agreed and when and how you accessed their website. They record your IP address, time, dates; retain their e-mails with date and time it got sent, and other things to support their side of claim. Interestingly, their IP of outgoing e-mail was not recorded so that means their e-mail can be a fake. Only one e-mail from them matched with what I received and that was first solicitation e-mail.
    2. Their policy is ridicules and almost impossible to follow but it is clearly stated. You have to agree to their terms within seven calendar days of enrolling to their program and you have to submit refund form within seven calendar days of Ad expiration date. You also need to prove the vehicle still is available, get notarized, and send via USPS certified mail to them. Fax, e-mail, phone message, and other methods are NOT acceptable.
    3. Best part is that you have agreed to all of these terms when you provide your credit card number where some mindless operator read some fine print gibberish back to you which half of them you don’t understand anyway. It is setup in a manner that somewhere down the line; you will violate their refund policy that you can’t get your money back. Perfect example would be receiving the USER ID and password which I never received but they have a proof of their e-mail being sent. During the gibberish policy reading, there is a line that says, “if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within three calendar days, call AMG” so even if they do not send this e-mail so you can’t accept their terms to be eligible for refund, you did not contact them until it is too late so you are toast.
    4. AMG’s refund department is a joke. Only one person works from 11-4PM M-F but when you call, she is so busy that you have to make an appointment to talk to her. The main operator would not even give me the extension when I asked. All these people know what kind of company they are working for thus they help each other out. Either busy or in meeting once they have your money.
    5. I’ll bet that your car still is listed on their website. I was very surprised by this fact. My Ad expired on 10/13/2010 but as of today, it still was active. I think I know why. The potential victims looking through AMG’s website will think many people have joined and sold their cars or since their primary goal is not to sell your vehicle, they don’t care and do not remove afterwards.
    6. Some names I’ve heard or dealt with follows: Jason Goldberg, Todd Baker, Katherine Waltz (probably all fake anyway but that’s their name)
    7. Get your credit card company involved to make their life more difficult. $100 Ad setup fee is not refundable since that is a separate charge but $399 should be if you have followed the refund process correctly. If still out of $399, keep your document since you never know if someone files a lawsuit.
    8. AMG have many other operators throughout the U.S under different names. Three weeks ago after I placed an Ad, I’ve got a call from someone in Florida scamming the same sales pitch. I’ve asked more question than he did so he knew I had dealt with AMG scam and hung up.
    9. If $500 is gone, think of it as lifelong lesson that there are people out there making a living by ripping other people off. I’ve learned a valuable lesson after AMG scam. Considering what I learned, $500 is probably is a reasonable tuition.

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  • Al
      May 17, 2011

    This is the worst company I've ever dealt with. Richard Stone was our agent. We called him dozens of times he never returned any phone calls. After weeks of not being able to talk to anyone, we talked with Justin Brown. He told us Richard Stone had been a car accident the end of December and had his mouth wired shut. He said that there was no way he could have called us. We knew it was a lie because we talked to Richard Stone the beginning of January and his mouth was not wired shut. They stole $375 out of our account. Both Richard Stone and Justin Brown promised us our refund. We send in all the paperwork to get our refund and two months later it is still in "processing". I've called several time and can never get anywhere. I made two phone appointments with Justin Brown and he didn't call me for either appointment and then I think he screened my number because he doesn't take my calls anymore. This company is a scam, they will steal your money, offer no service, and lie to you over and over again. I hate this company and I could like to see them go under. I want to take this company to court, I think it would be more powerful if there was a group of us and I can see that there are countless other people who have been cheated. Would anyone want to take them to court with me, someone has got to stop this company!

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  • Tu
      Aug 23, 2011

    THIS COMPANY IS A THIEF. I have send my refund form and certified 3 times. I never received my $500.00 back. I still have my car, 90 days was up, no customer call, and they have the worst customer service. One of the agent name Alan said to me on the phone, " thank you for wasting our time." The declare their business will be going down because of stealing people's money.

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  • Fr
      Feb 15, 2017

    I have received several calls from them too and was stupid enough to give them 299 dollars for an ad for my son's truck. I have since reported them to the BBQ bureau and the fbi Internet fraud department for investigation. I am hoping they are shut down soon so they do not scam anyone else.

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