auto loans / refusal to accept payments

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Contact information:
Phone: 714-453-6000

Requested a complete report of ALL payments to date on a 42 month loan with 36 months I have recoreded as paid. They claim they sent the report twice which I have not seen. I also requested a payoff of the loan and once I recieved all the inoformayion I would either payoff the vehicle of finish with the montlhy payments.

Herer is the email I sent after speaking with Teresa Cruz from Drive It Financial Services and she rudley hung up on me when I requested the information again andf to make 2 payment on the first. Come to find out they use to be called MCA Finance LLC/MCA Motors who have alot of complaints and people looking for them. (Below is my email to them and my attorney)


You were instructed to send me a full report of ALL payments to date and the payoff to date of the loan to my mailing address on May 12, 2015, which I have not seen to date.

At this Time please mail or Email a copy to my Attorney’s address Today:

Patrick Driscoll Law Office
3333 E. Serene Ave.
Suite 150
Henderson, NV 89074

PH# [protected]

His office will also be contacting you within the next few days.

Also, as I explained to your office and you over the phone. I have changed Jobs and will make 2 payments on the 1st of June to make May’s payment and pay June’s payment early, which you tell me is not acceptable.
At this point I will wait to hear from attorney to the next step and your refusal to take payments and harassment for one payment due on May 10, 2015, only 11 days past due and the non compliance to my request for a report and current payoff.



May 21, 2015

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