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I just had my first experience with Wells Fargo Financial customer service today, 9/8/09, and it was a terrible experience. The customer service representative was not very helpful, and when I asked to speak to a manager, she was very rude. She answered the phone with an attitude like I was bothering her by wanting to speak with her regarding my issue. I have never been late on a payment. I have had my car for one year, and this is the first month I need a deferrment. I explained that my husband and I have had unexpected school financial obligations, and I need a deferrment to prevent a 30 day late payment. I have always paid inside the bank with cash or a money order, but was told today that I have reverse payments on my account. When I explained that there is no way I could ever have reversed payments, the representative told me that is what is showing and she could not help me with that. She said I would have to talk to a customer service rep. She then went on to ask me when I can make a payment to have the account current. I told her that was the reason I was asking for a deferrment. I have never had a late payment, and this month, after a whole year of good payments, I am trying to protect my credit and account status and have been denied a deferrment. How am I supposed to remain a happy customer? Refinance with another company sounds good to me.

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  • Kr
      9th of Apr, 2008
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    Auto Loan - Poor customer service!
    Auto Loan
    United States

    This bank represents very poor customer service. I have an auto loan with them, and have always paid on time. I have excellent credit. However, I am human and by an oversight, neglected to send in my payment one month. I did not receive any notification from them to notify me of my mistake (which would demonstrate good customer service). I was notified by a collection agency who threatened to re-posses my car. It turns out, that any notification they may have sent, was being sent to a wrong address!! Interesting because they sure had the correct address on file when they sent my payment coupon book!! I have great credit that will probably be hurt by their inadequacy and carelessness. I will be looking to refinance my loan somewhere else and will never do business with them again!

  • Ka
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    Auto Loan - RUDE account manager/operator
    Chase Auto Finance
    New York
    United States

    I called Chase auto finance per their request to discuss my delinquent payment due to medical bills/layoff and was treated with utter disrespect! I was/am appalled!! The man had a VERY thick accent and was condecending with every word. He had no sympathy whatsoever for my situation and when I inquired about possible deferment, he said they would not grant a deferment because my situation was not temporary and I was a bad risk... that if they gave me the deferment, then next month I would still not pay. Then, he went on talking very quickly & I could no longer understand him at all so I said, "I can't understand you" and he said, very slowly & clearly, "yes, that happens whenever I'm saying something someone doesn't want to hear." When I tried to tell him that wasn't true, every time I tried to say one word, he cut me off saying, "No, it's a very common problem." He repeated that several times then stated, "I'm going to transfer you to someone else" at which point he put me on hold, I'm assuming indefinitely because I held for some time then finally asked myself why I thought he was actually going to help me & hung up. I did call back, spoke to a very nice gentleman who quickly & kindly helped me with my original question and I made a payment on the spot. He also apologized for the other operator's behavior & transferred me to a supervisor to tell her my tale. She replied in a manner that led me to believe that she was less than prone to believe me and that she was sure the operator did not intend to offend me in any way. Yeah, right. I shouldn't have bothered to talk to her. Chase obviously does not encourage kindness or understanding in their supervisors which would explain the behavior of the operator!

  • Al
      2nd of Mar, 2011
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    Auto Loan - harrasment
    United States

    I originally got my auto loan through Santa Barbara savings and without any notice was transferred to CSC Logic. Last month they called me at work... believe that is illegal! I called them back, told them that they better never call me at work again. Told them the payment had been mailed and they should have gotten it. Well the next day it was taken out of my account... so that tells me that they had it all along! So now, payment has been sent and they have been calling my house starting the due date, the 27th and it was mailed and I bet they have it already and I am getting mad. Looking for another bank to transfer my loan!

  • Ca
      7th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes
    Auto Loan - Unprofessionalism
    NK Finance Corporation
    Los Angeles
    United States

    Please beware of this company before you sign a contract with these people. They use intimidating collection practices and are Rated F with the BBB. This auto finance company will call your grandparents, any one they can and threaten to repossess your car after the date its due. They do not want you to send a check or money order, they prefer cash deposited directly into their account. They have came to my house 2x for a so called wellness check, although the payment was paid in full. They penalized me when they couldnt find the deposit that was placed into their bank accounts, I showed proof and receipt information and they sent repossession people to my house to intimidate me and my family. When you call their place of business Omar, Francisco, and Eddie will play games on the phone, hang up on you when you ask to speak to someone in charge, they disguise their voices, call you from their cell phones, this is so true, this is not an exaggeration. I have sent many complaints and I regret coming into contact with this company. I am sure other people are too. These people are unfamiliar with the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. I asked the VP Eddie why he would harass me and send repossession people to my parent's home when my payment was paid in full, he refused to answer the question, he then told me I was not a consumer, I am a collection. " yes that statement did not make any sense" and is a prime example of the ignorance this company possesses. I hope other people step up and complain against this company everyone should utilize all resources and ensure to keep a paper trail on them it will be beneficial in court.

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