Auto loan - Collections Department (Dubai)Insulting and Rude calls

Today 30th December 2014 morning at 8:50AM I recieved an angry phone call on my mobile number from an Arab speaking gentlemen from RankBank Collections Department who said that he has been trying to contact me and my office since the 1st of December 2014 and that no one including the company office has been picking up the phone call. Which is incorrect. This is the first time this gentleman called me from RakBank Collections Department. His name is Yasser Al Safadi.
He was extremely rude, aggressive, impolite and using slanderous statements against me (Marwan Armin Salem). Firstly I am shocked that RakBank employs such street gang type individuals which in my opinion border at criminal behaviour.
He spoke very loudly and agressively and I quote below:
"You are acting smart" "I swear to god I will make a criminal case against you" and he hung up the phone.
This is against all norms of a professional Bank in the UAE in this age and time. I was unable to reason with this man who continuously acted aggressively on the phone, especially since this is the FIRST TIME we spoke.
When I called him back I asked him politely for his supervisors details he responded " YOU HAVE TO LOOK FOR IT YOURSELF"
I kindly request that this person refrains from contacting me and that the COLLECTIONS DEPARTMENT from RAKBANK undertake an screening or training on how to approach people who are RAKBANK CUSTOMERS.
I must state that any further complaints will be submitted to the any NEWS agencies and will be recorded in future.
Contact details of the person at the COLLECTIONS DEPARTMENT: MR. YASSER AL SAFADI [protected]
His supervisor contact details: MR. MOHAMAD SHEIKH FAISAL [protected]
Note that myself and my company will refrain from working with RAKBANK any longer due to this experience. We prefer to work with Banks that are able to handle Customers more professionally.
My contact details are as follows: Marwan Armin Salem Tel: [protected] or [protected]

Dec 29, 2014

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