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Auto Leasing / Disrespectful

1 PO Box 830224Baltimore, MD, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 8003366675

Please see the below letter that was sent to Chase on 6/16/08


I recently called into customer service [protected]) to make two payments with a posted check dated for 6/30/08. They transferred me over to collection dept. After a short period of holding a representative answered. He confirmed my Name, Address and Phone Number. He then asked, “How could he help me”. I answered by stating “I would like to do a posted check over the phone for 600.00 dated for 6/30/08”. He stated that “he could not do it and that I was up for repossession of my vehicle”. I said to him “I just made a payment about a month ago with a check and it cleared”. He said that “it doesn’t matter and if one more check bounce they (meaning Chase) was coming to get my car”. Again I said, “What does this have to do with me making a post-dated payment for my May and June Invoice”. Again he said that “because in the past that I bounce three checks and that if I was to bounce another checked they would come and take my car”. I asked him “why he was being so hostile with someone that is calling in to make a payment”. He said, “I ought to be use to this and that he doesn’t have to accept my payment”. He then said “I shouldn’t act like I’m not use to this and that I know how it feels to have people coming to my door and taking my things”. He even stated, “Chase has been to my house on several attempts to take my car”. I said, “I have no knowledge of this I am only calling to make a payment”. Then he said, “Since you want to play that he would just force me to make my payment through Western Union which will cost me more money to do”. At that point I was so disrespected I hung up the phone. I decided to make the post-dated payment online. Once that went through I called back to the same number [protected]) I spoke to a Kametria Falsom (hope I’m spelling her name right) and advise her that I was calling to let them know I have a payment set up on-line to be paid on 6/30/08 and gave her the tracking number. Then I asked her to provide me with the gentlemen name that I had spoken to from the collections dept. I told her how rude he was and she apologize on behalf of the company for his behavior and the she would notate the account that I made a post-dated payment on-line and put me on a promise to pay so I would not receive any collections calls. She told me that the system showed that the collector that I spoke to user ID is MASSAGEO. I asked her to transfer me over to collections dept so I could speak with a supervisor and thanked her for her wonderful customer service. After being on hold for about 15 minutes I was told that none of supervisors was not available and that I would have to leave a message. I was then transferred to a voicemail system that told me to enter in the extension that I wanted. Of course I did not have one and so I decided to right this letter.

I will not pretend that I have always been on time with my payments. There have been many time when I was 60 days behind, however no matter what no one in your organization has ever disrespected, degrade or belittle me verbally. I’m very much so shocked and appalled by the collector behavior towards me. I honestly believe this gentleman should be reprimanded for his behavior and he needs to be retrained on customer service. I understand that the he is a collector and that is first priority is Chase but how silly does he look to be disrespectful to a customer calling in to make a payment. He’s hindrance to the company and I do have all intentions to post this letter in as many websites, new stations, newspapers and anywhere else my voice will be heard.

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