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Phone: 954-464-9929

I just want to state for the record that I am extremely dissatisfied and unhappy with Travelers
Auto Ins., and here is why. Here in Florida, we pay for our auto ins. in six month blocks, rather
than twelve. Bear in mind that NOTHING on my driving record/history has changed one iota, and
the coverage I was wanting to buy was EXACTLY the same as the previous six month policy.
When I got my bill w/ policy statement, I could not believe my eyes! My rate had increased
from $640.00/six months to $935.00 for the following six months, or, as I figure it, a 46% raise
that was absolutely uncalled for. NOTHING had changed in my driving record. NO points, NO
claims or accidents, NO tickets of any kind, NO NOTHING. Just a random 46% rate increase.
No explanation, no nothing!
I contacted these fine folks twice to let them know about my extreme displeasure and frustration
and, to their credit, they responded, but their reasons were vague and unsatisfactory to me. I
shopped around myself and dropped my useless agent as they were no help. I finally found an Allstate
agent less than a mile from my home who wrote me up the VERY SAME policy on my very same
auto for about $600.00. Still wondering why my "friends" at Travelers couldn't do the same
for me. Seriously. You would think they would love to hang on to good drivers as much as
possible but, due to their corporate greed philosophy, they lost me and likely many others.
Thanks again Travelers,
Dan F.


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