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Auto Image / Shady work and damaged car installing window tint

1 Banksville rdPittsburgh, PA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 412-571-2597

I took my brand new car in to have window tint installed and not only was the tint applied in a shoddy manner the employee damaged the door panel on my car. "Sam" the owner/mgr initially denied the employee damaged the vehicle but a day later he admitted the employee damaged the car. I demanded that the door panel be replaced with a new door panel installed at the dealer because the car had been purchased with only 47 miles on it and it was driven twice. The first time was when I brought it home from the dealer and the second time was five days later when I took it Auto Image to have the window tint put on.

"Sam" the owner/mgr balked at replacing the door with a new door panel. He insisted on repairing the for panel or order a door panel and install it at his detail shop. I disagreed with this because I wanted to be made whole whole for my damage and the only way that could be done was having a new door panel replaced because it was a brand new car. If my car was a few years old or if I damaged the car I would have accepted the door panel being repaired but it wasn't, the was brand new and it was damaged by his employee (according to what he told me). A business is responsible for their employees and if the employee damages a car or other property the customer should be made whole even if it costs more than the service done; Thats the price of doing business.

After I provided him with and estimate "Sam" reluctantly agreed to order the new door panel by the dealer . I gave him 4 days to order the panel but when I called him to find out if it was in he lied and said that door panel was ordered but it wasn't in yet. I called the dealership he told me he made the order from they told me there was no order. I confronted him about this he became defensive and told me he's done go ahead and sue him and I told him I would. About 20 minutes after leaving his store he called me and told me he ordered the door from the dealer and he needed specific info from the door panel so he could order the correct door panel trim. I gave him the info but I called the dealer the next day to make sure it was ordered (because of his prior history of lying). "Sam" called 2 days later to tell me the door panel was in and an appt was made for me.

I took my car to the dealer during the confirmed appt to install the new door panel and I found out they attempted to back door me. "Sam" from Auto Image snuck and made an appt with a sub-contractor to repair the door panel instead of replacing it with the new door panel ordered for my car. I would have never known what the original plan was if the dealership hadn't called me to ask a question about my car. He broke the verbal agreement we made and tried to sneak and do a repair job that wasn't authorized. I would have never taken my car to the dealership if I had known they had set up the repair especially knowing that the new door panel was ordered and on the premises that day. "Sam" just didn't want to replace the door panel it wasn't business anymore it was personal. I went back to pick up my car and now I have to sue him in small claims court.

I was never able to address the issue with the shoddy tint work because of the issue with the door panel. After the constant arguments and continuous lies by "Sam" at Auto Image I refused to allow them to do anything else to my car. He refused to give a written or verbal guarantee that he or his employees would not cause further damage to my car. Never ever go there to have anything done by them. It takes more to be a businessman than putting up a sign and supply a service. You can't be a hothead that refuses to address problems dealing with other people's property especially property that a person works hard for. STAY AWAY.


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