Auto HouseTruck buying experience

Buyer beware! I purchased a Ford F-350 "duelly" fro mAuto House on 1/16/15. They
claimed to have done a pre-sale inspection; however, two weeks later I found
that the windshield washers did not work and that the two front tires were
significantly under inflated - 32 psi versus the required 75 psi.

These big red flags that caused me to question whether the oil change had been
done. I observed the oil-change sticker looked old and had only mileage
indicated, not the date or what type of oil (no sticker on the motor). I took
the vehicle to Scenic Ford in Mt. Airy, NC to change the oil and give the truck
a thorough inspection.

From the inspection, I learned that one of the front headlamps was out; the
fog/driving lights did not work; and - get this - the spare time and jack were
missing. The biggest thing I learned was that the right front brake (caliper)
and brake pad were so damaged that they had to be repaired at a total cost of

The finance manager at Auto House had sold me a 24-month/24, 000-mile warranty
but had not enrolled me with the warranty company yet. I had to spend five phone
calls over four hours and talk to four different people at the warranty company
to enroll myself.

So far I am out of pocket $758.41 and counting since I have not purchased a
spare tire and jack yet. The warranty only covered the parts ($224.13). (I had a
$100 deductible.)

The salesperson and the finance manager at Auto House never returned my calls. I
finally caught up with the finance manager returning from a meeting. I told him
how poorly they had prepared the truck for sale and the problems I had enrolling
with the warranty company. He made no comments about making things right. He
only said he felt nothing he could say would make me happy.

I would never deal with these people again, and have no doubt that they have no
intentions of ever making things right. Buyer beware!

Feb 15, 2015

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