Auto Fair Ford Manchester, NHTruck repair service and sale

First mistake-I took my 2004 Ford F-150 in for service as it was stalling. After three tries and $3, 000 they still could not fix my truck even though they sent me out with it in dangerous conditions twice. It stalled on the highway after they supposedly fixed it twice. The third time they would not give me my money back so my only choice to try to recover my money was to trade it in on a certified pre-owned with them. another big mistake. I know I overpaid for the new truck but they were giving me a slight credit for the repair service I paid for. The salesperson swore he was different from most car salespeople and would give me excellent service and follow up. Third mistake I listened to him and bought the truck and accepted delivery without an owner’s manual and with seats that were not cleaned. I called him to set up a time to get the seats cleaned with no response, Finally the credit manager called me and I told him I was still waiting for a call back after 10 days. Still no call. Finally I cleaned the seats myself and asked them to send me the owner’s manual as I wanted nothing more to do with them I also tried to call the GM of the dealership to report my experience but I was given the run around in contacting him and finally I gave up and decided it was a waste of time since terrible customer service starts at the top. Do not go to this dealership, I love Ford trucks but this dealer is bad bad bad.

Feb 05, 2017

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