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Authorized Movers - North Miami, FL / Stay away from this company!

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Authorized Movers -

My family and I were moving from south Orange county California to Nampa Idaho. We contacted Authorized movers to do this move for us, and were quoted a great delivery time, at a great price. Our things were to be picked up on October 4 2007 between 2-4. When the company got to our residence they were not from Authorized movers, but from King Van Lines aka Moving Star. The men did not come until after 6pm to move our things. They seemed like very nice people, and moved our things great. Our problem with Authorized movers did not come until it was time to deliver our things.

We were quoted a price of $1570.00 for our move, and that was to include the stairs as we were moving up three flights of stairs. The man from authorized movers named Matthew gave me that quote, with the delivery date of 10/19/07 or sooner. My family and I moved into our new home on 10/15/07. We did not get a call or any other information about our things. By 10/17/07 I called the moving company to find out the ETA of our things. I was told at that time that my property would not be to Idaho for another two weeks. At this point I reminded them of my quote from Matthew. They told me that Matthew could not give a quote for delivery time to Idaho, and that he was wrong to do that. They did finally get my property to me by 10/21/07. They sent one man to deliver our things. Some of our property includes a king size mattress, and three cushion couch with two recliners, and other very heavy things. The man could not move our things up the stairs by himself, nor would he. He informed us that the cost fr moving our things up the stairs was $75.00 per five stair. We were not informed of this prior to the move, we were told that the stairs were included in the price. Needless to say he did not move our things up the stairs so my husband and I did all the move ourselves while our two young children had to sit in a playpen. We have filed a claim asking for reimbursement for having to do the move ourselves, but as I'm sure others know this process takes time, so now we are just waiting. I just hope that people STOP using Authorized movers so that they can no longer do this to people.

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  • Am
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    This is similar of what i am going through right now with them. First off they were 9 hours early to pick up. I am moving from Minneapolis to Chicago which is 6.5 hours away. My rep Jennifer told me when i made the reservation 3 months prior that i wold need to get there the next morning after pick up to be sure i got there in time. Little did i know when the drivers got to my home ( at 5am ) they wouldnt be to my new home til 3 days later. There is so much more going on i cant even express my frustation. This is a horrible, non-ethical, thieving, company that promomtes wrongful advirtisements! I can honestly say i believe anyone who works for them has a heck of future of bad karma coming there way.

  • Pa
      18th of Dec, 2007
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    I used King Vanlines recently, and they are doing a great job in educating the customers about all the extra charges that you may have. I am sorry to hear you went through a bad company but I believe King Van Lines had nothing to do with your bad sales experience.

    I would definitely recommend using King Vanlines as a mover, talk to one of their certified sales people. I was talking to Valery, but when I checked them on American moving and storage web I saw a few more certified sales names there.

    They will possibly give you too much information but I can tell you this; They were the only company out of 40 that I worked with that actually had the patience to explain everything to me and to answer all my questions.

    I moved from Seattle Washington to Bakersfield California, they quoted me up to 10 days for delivery and they delivered within 4 days only.

    Thank you Valery again!

  • Wi
      24th of Mar, 2008
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    This is a terrible company. They have hidden cost after hidden cost. The are late. They lie, lie and tell more lies. They do not remove boxes.They will ask you for a tip. They are a bunch of cheat. My advice to anyone who is planning of moving please, please and move please do not use this company.

    This company needs to be out of business immediately. How can government allow a company of the nature operate.

  • Am
      24th of Mar, 2008
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    it's weird that there's a bunch of negative reviews on authorized movers because i had a great experience with them!
    i was referred to them by a friend and i couldn't get anything better.
    i was completely terrified of using movers ( because all of the horroe stories) but these guyes were great.they were quick and carful, very polite, professional and the price was definitely resonable.
    my friend was also very satisfied from their service.
    i really recomend them to my friends and for sure i will use them again in the future!

  • Ch
      26th of Mar, 2008
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    The driver and crew did not stop working all day. they took very good care of our items, there wasn’t a scratch on our furniture when they were done. this is a company that understand how stressful moving can be and they are there to accommodate you. i would highly recommend using authorized movers to anyone and if i ever move again i will undoubtedly use their serviced again

  • Ki
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    I used this company for my move from Florida to New York City . I had an excellent experience with Authorized Movers. They arrived on time, packed everything up really well. Their customer service people are friendly and informative. I really appreciate the service. I would definitely recommend them to others.

  • Tr
      28th of Mar, 2008
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    I had a great experience working with Authorized Movers. They sent over four men and all of them were nice, polite, and highly professional. They were quick and efficient from start to finish. I am so glad I went with them. I highly recommend working with them. At the end of the day, I had absolutely no complaints.

  • Mi
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    These guys are amazing! They were incredibly professional, courteous, and efficient. I've had horrible experiences with movers and was dreading this move, but it was easy and painless because of the service I received from Authorized Movers. I really recommend Authorized Movers and will only be using them in the future

  • Je
      30th of Apr, 2008
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    We are having a very similar issue with Autorized Movers. The move was from Palm Beach FL, to New Jersey, they picked up the items on the 25th of April and told us it would arrive in NJ no later then the 29th. The day they picked up the items, they were fast, and very efficient, but I did notice their workers and their drivers hardly speak any english which kept us getting referred to another person, Joey, in the company. When they picked up the items they gave us a price for 1400 lbs, and later switched the pricing according to cubic feet, which increased the bill! We later called the driver on the 29th and was told they had pickups and deliveries in both Pennsylvania and New York, and they would not arrive to drop off the items until at least the 30th. According to the driver we made arrangements to take off from work to be able to recieve the items on the 30th, and were told the driver would call us with a time when the items would be delivered. We did not hear from the driver, and so called him a few times with no answer, then called Joey and left 3 messages for him, with still no response. That same day we called the customer service to find out when our items would arrive, and I spoke with a very rude rep named Joshua. He informed us that we had not paid extra to guarantee a delivery date and we were lucky that it wasn't going to take a couple weeks to get it here. We spoke to the driver shortly there after and he informed us that the company had given him the wrong address to deliver our items and he was not sure when we would recieve them! Not only did our pricing get switched, but the delivery date as well, and we were informed by the rude customer service rep that we would not see any type of reimbursement for our troubles. We highly recommend that no one moving use this company, they are rude, they lie, and they claim that customer service is their number one concern, but have not shown it as such! We plan to send in complaints to the BBB and speak to a lawyer over these troubles. It is very unacceptable not to get the treatment that all customers deserve, and very inconvienient not to have a bed to sleep on, a couch to sit on, or clothing to wear for work.

  • Zo
      3rd of May, 2008
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    Basically I paid for theft and vandalism. Contacted Authorized Movers to move me from another state. They subcontracted Freedom Van Lines to move our items. Bottom line is they show up, try to up sell you on estimated weight vs actual weight. (Convinced us that our 2 rooms and 1 dining table weighed 6500 pounds) So we paid 3700 dollars for a move that should have cost half that amount. They made several stops and loaded about 3 other customers items onto the same truck. Put our things in storage and delivered them on “their” time when it arrived. RESULTS-no legs for our couch and love seat, broken side tables, broken and missing lamps, missing purses, missing stereo ipod player, missing boxes, and scratched up furniture. Also, when trying to file a claim-please be aware that you are paid .60 cents per damaged or missing items. Yep-8 legs * 5lbs 40lbs *.60= $24, broken table -10lbs*.60=$6 (if you can still find the same glass) ipod speakers 3lbs*.60=1.80. To top that off, we received a box of a strangers, financial information, passport, etc…. They are great when trying to get your business, but try filing a claim or asking them for are basically SCREWED! Please do your research before hiring this moving company. Hope this helps anyone else from experiencing this same nightmare we have.

  • Cj
      3rd of May, 2008
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    A couple of things consumers should be aware of here. Know who they are subcontracting. Remember they are a brokerage. They make their money by booking your move-typically by quoting you the best price. However, please be aware, their is another weight in once they load their truck, hence this is where the movers become salespeople and try to upsell the actual weight. ALWAYS go with them and get the weight if possible. We also reccommend hiring a company that moves your stuff directly. Otherwise, your items get delivered to the wrong people and will get stored. Stick with a well known company and make sure you know the claim process. Call the claim number first and see how their customer service process works. Don't pack jewelry or valuables. Please look into this company or research your options before trying to save a dime.

  • Da
      4th of May, 2008
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  • Sh
      9th of May, 2008
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    Had very bad experience with this moving company.
    I had a piano & bench picked up in Florida Apr.3rd
    to move to Ohio. Today is May 9th & nobody can tell
    me where my items are. They had me pay in advance on credit card as they said this is what I had to do to get
    it delivered.
    Very disreputable, won't return calls or emails.
    Best advice is go somewhere else !

  • Gi
      12th of May, 2008
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    Definately file a complaint. I am working on mine. They also put a unauthorized charge on my credit card which I left for deposit. FRAUD...beware

  • De
      2nd of Jun, 2008
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    I made arrangements to be available at 12pm on Saturday in North Caroline for Authorized Movers to pick up my things with an ETD of Monday in New Jersey. This had been scheduled plenty of time in advance. I called that Friday afternoon and confirmed with one of the representatives that my items were scheduled for pickup as no one from the company called me to do so. As of 5pm Saturday, no one had yet showed up or called. This is typical behavior associated with a non-reputable company and I was therefore disappointed that Authorized Movers did not insure that the agreed upon terms were met. I received a call from one of the drivers (Roman 917.586.2955) Saturday night at 8:29pm indicating they had another job before mine that took all day. When I asked why I was not contacted sooner, he indicated that he did not have my number. I find this disturbing as every piece of correspondence I’ve shared with Authorized Movers had my telephone number listed under the contact information. (And to state the obvious, how was he able to call me at 830 if he did not have my number?) He told me to contact Joey at ext. 213 however, I did not get an answer from that line. Whatever the case, I consider what happened to be extremely unprofessional behavior for a company that has received payment from their customer. Roman (the trucker) stated his truck was full and that another truck was scheduled to be dispatched to my home between 2 and 4pm Sunday. I told him that no one was available at the location at that time and to please have a supervisor or manager contact me as soon as possible regarding available dates for pickup between Monday and Friday during business hours. I also sent numerous emails stating the same and left voicemail messages. Monday morning, I found out that the movers that untruthfully disclosed to their operations department supervisor (Joey) that they showed up at my door at 12pm Sunday but mysteriously, no one answered. HOWEVER!! They were incompetent enough to leave a VOICEMAIL MESSAGE on my cellphone at 224pm Sunday indicating that they did not have my address. How could they possibly appear at an address they did not have? I told the customer service representative (Michael) that I would be more than willing to let him and their manager hear the time/date stamp on this message, thereby proving that they DID NOT show at my property—Saturday OR Sunday. I told him I was very frustrated and about 2 seconds from calling American Express and having any and all charges posted by Authorized Movers reversed. He said to contact their operation department directly at 888-511-0018 ext 122 or 213 and that he was calling them also to find out what is going on. He said that it was not his intention to make this move an unsatisfying situation and that the movers should be on the way as he had just finished talking to the operation dept. After calling the operations department and getting bounced around and disconnected, I call Michael back and told him that I wasn't getting and answer …it’s just ringing. He told me to call 888-511-0018ext 122 or 213 and ask for "Joey" and that they may be on lunch because he's getting the same thing. I tried calling again and finally asked the customer service department to cancel my order after being on for 15 minutes.

    I am on the line with American Express now having all charges reversed. This has been most disappointing to me and I wish that this company were more forthcoming and honest in their professionalism.

  • Sr
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    On June 23rd 2008 I contacted Authorized Movers through telephone (888-511-0018) for the purpose of moving my apartment to New York. I spoke to Lisa at extension 207 and was given an estimate of $1353.55. I asked for a move date of 26th June and was told that my pickup would be at 3.00PM. I was told that I would be contacted the day before the move as well as the day of the move. The payments were scheduled as a deposit of 10% of the total estimate due immediately, 40% on the day of the move and the balance after the items were delivered. I paid the deposit of $135 using a debit card over the phone and over the next hour received an emailed response with the quote and the bill.

    On the 25th of June, I was contacted again by Authorized Movers and asked to pay the second scheduled amount for the pickup. I was told that the easiest way to do the payment would be by card over the phone since the driver did not carry a lot of cash for safety reasons. I therefore went ahead and paid the charge of $640 on the same debit card.

    On the day of the move I heard nothing from the movers. After repeated calls I was told that the movers would not be coming on the 26th, despite my instructions that they absolutely needed to be there as I had to leave for a wedding on the next day. At this point I talked to Dan (at extn 213), a customer service/dispatch department contact person at Authorized who assured me that there were unforeseen problems and that the move was rescheduled for the first thing on the 27th of June.

    This caused considerable difficulties since I needed to make last minute arrangements for someone to be at my home the next day for the pickup. However, on the 27th the same thing happened all over again. I struggled for several hours to contact someone at Authorized Movers about the status of the move and after multiple redirects was finally told that the move could not happen that day. I spoke to a manager named Joey (extn 214) at this time who told me that the truck they were planning to schedule for our pickup was full and that they would try to schedule a pickup the next day. Joey also informed me at this time that as per their contract of carriage they would do the pickup within 72 hours of the promised time. However, this was never mentioned either verbally or written anywhere in the email when I had originally made the booking.

    The same story repeated itself on Saturday the 28th of June. After several hours of trying to contact Joey about the status of our move, I finally reached him and was told that Authorized movers could NOT send a truck to our location and would have to cancel the move. Furthermore, Joey agreed that since it was Authorized Movers failure to honor the contract of moving, they would reimburse all the money I had paid so far in full including the deposit and the second payment. He however told me that since it was a weekend I would have to wait until Monday for a payment since the Accounting department did not work on weekends.

    On Monday Jun 30th I tried repeatedly calling the accounting department at Authorized Movers trying to figure out if the refund for the cancelled service had been processed. However I was unable to reach the accounting department despite repeated efforts to do the same. I then tried reaching Joey the manager. After repeated attempts to reach him, involving several phone calls, I finally reached Joey. To my complete surprise, Joey now told me that accounting had information that I had cancelled the move and hence was unable to process the refund. When I argued that I had sent no such email (in fact I have sent no email or had any correspondence with Authorized movers at all), Joey abruptly hung up. I have not heard from Authorized movers since and they have not refunded my $775 for their undelivered services.

    From beginning to end this experience has been a nightmare. First, Authorized Movers has caused me to incur significant inconvenience and the additional expense of having to move my items into storage as a result of the cancelled move. Second, I have incurred a huge cost in time and communication charges in just trying to contact Authorized Movers. I estimate that in the period of five days I have made no less than two hundred calls to them on my cell phone, with airtime totaling around three to four hundred minutes. Most of this time was spent when I was put on hold and asked to wait for someone. Finally, this entire experience has taken a huge physical and psychological toll on me. My move was relatively small sized and the only reason I wanted a mover was for convenience and so that I could attend to other obligations such as a friends wedding and apartment hunting etc. Authorized Movers' unethical, irresponsible, unprofessional and fraudulent behavior has ensured that I have been unable to focus on anything else over this period of time.

  • Mi
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    So we contracted authorized movers to move us from south florida to colorado. they picked up our stuff on 5/21 and have yet to deliver it is now 7/18. I have placed numerous calls and have been put on hold for hours, hung up, spoken to like i did something wrong, etc., etc. . .we have gotten multiple stories from multiple people. you'd think that they could at least corrorborate together on this stuff. so i am at a loss of what to do next. if anyone is moving DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! the only person there that is worth talking to is jason in operations he seems to be the only one that knows whats up. so hopefully they will honor what they have told us and get our stuff to us this weekend or by tuesday at the latest. will keep you updated.

  • Mi
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    So found out that jason was lying to us the whole time. our stuff as of last week never even left florida. joey was supposed to call us back thursday it is now tuesday afternoon and still no call back. i have placed a complaint with the BBB hopefully it will gte us somewhere. DO NOT trust these guys or this company. We are also supposed to get a full refund. we'll see if that happens. it is now 7/29/08 and they picked up on 5/21/08. they even gave me a phone number for a driver who had no idea but was very appologetic. these guys need to be shut down ASAP! i guess the next step is small claims court. i could go on and on about how horrible this company is. . .just whatever you do, dont use them.

  • Ss
      3rd of Aug, 2008
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    I have another horror story about authorized movers! I was supposed to have my furniture picked up for a move from York, Pa to Columbus GA on July 7, 2008. Needless to say, no-one showed up. I made several telephone calls as well as online chat sessions, and I was fed numerous excuses and lies about why my stuff was not picked up. Infiniti movers ultimately picked up my belongings on July 10, 2008. I missed 4 days of work waiting for a pickup, but I had no other choice to use them at that point because of my scheduled move. They gauranteed my furniture would be delivered by July 12, 2008. It s now August 3 and I still am living on the floor of my apartment. I contacted infinti movers directly and spoke with RAZ, who then told me that my furniture was scheduled for long term storage in the Bronx, NY. He said that my furniture would be loaded on August 4 and delivered by August 7. I have already filed complaints with the BBB as well as state attorney general's office. i will let you know what happens.

  • Je
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    When we finally received our items, the movers had only three people to bring the items in; one was the driver, another his assistant and the third was the assistant’s girlfriend. None of the three spoke much English yet again, and the girlfriend asked to use the bathroom, stealing the toilet paper before she left. The two men did nothing but toss our items around and rile up our dog the whole time. Then they piled everything up in one room and put a broken nightstand, which was an antique piece of furniture from a great grandmother, at the back side of the pile so we could not inspect it until after we moved the things to the right rooms. After they piled everything up, they rushed me to sign the papers saying everything was there, telling me they were late for another drop off! Once they were gone we found out the table was broken beyond repair and called the company to file a complaint. They told us we had to include pictures of the damage and send in a typed complaint, which we did. It took them about a month to get back to us, and they said they would only reimburse us $42.00, and only after we had a notarized letter saying we accepted the payment. The money they offered us was not going to pay for any damages, and so I am filing a formal complaint about this company with the BBB. I suggest that everyone looking to move not use this company and do some research into the company they pick before settling on one!

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