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Australian - Records.com / Fraudulent

Melbourne Metro Area, Victoria, Australia Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 0403673074
Yep, you have mentioned them before and i shall now mention them too.
They have no genological content as advertised, and they took my credit card moneys before i could find that out.
All emails went unanswered and as far as i could tell not even sent becuase they said you cannot send this email blah blah blah.
I have reported them to acma and the aust internet police and i am also disputing my credit card re same.
I will also be reporting them to all the tv stations who love this kind of thing. I want my money back and will get it no matter what it takes. These people are disgraceful.


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  28th of Oct, 2008
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Yep, same thing happened to me. No access to site after registering and paying.
  20th of Mar, 2009
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Australian Records.com - No access to site after paying
australian records.com
United States

I have been had too, paid the money, but as with the others no access to the site at all
  6th of Jul, 2009
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Australian-records.com BEWARE > just got me as well (while I was on / via "The Age" site and adds by Google at end of news article on China.
  13th of Jan, 2010
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I was just about to provide my credit card details when I saw your comments... Thanks sooooo much for saving me!!!
  17th of Nov, 2012
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This site is an absolute joke! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
  5th of Mar, 2013
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Kicking myself for not checking for hoax reports for this site before paying up for membership.
Clever concept as the carrot is the free search which gives minimal bona fide details with the promise of a comprehensive report on payment. Donkeys (myself included) then take the bait only to find no access to Australian records.
I'm sure we will find a there is loophole (isn't there always?) which allows use of the word Australian and the flag, in advertising.
Will try to retrieve my money as have received 'faulty goods' but won't hold my breath!
  6th of Mar, 2013
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To add to my last comment good old Paypal immediately took action on my behalf and Click Bank refunded my money. I presume that the site has been flagged as a fraud.
  24th of Aug, 2013
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Couldn't find this site before I paid so the same thing just happened to me, they still have their paypal enabled. An interesting learning experience and I did quite expect that Australian People Records would be a fake, but it was worth a try. Have asked for a Paypal refund. By the way, an interesting thing happened when I pressed the my account tab, not only my searches came up, but every search by anyone in the last week seemed to be listed - 2nd time I tried it had disappeared.
  24th of Aug, 2013
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By the way, they must have changed their name, it's now www.australian-people-records.com/‎
  9th of Oct, 2013
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The Australian People's Record is an absolute joke. How is it allowed to still have a web presence??????
  10th of Feb, 2014
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FAKE FAKE FAKE. do not loose your money. all these websites are scam.
  8th of Apr, 2014
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It surprises me that so many Australian's would actually fall for this type of scam. I'm sorry, but with the constant media attention with respect to "Australia, s Strict Privacy Laws", why would any of you just assume that you could pay money to a website and get instant access to your own, or some other persons confidential history??? Stupidity warrants your loss of money...sorry, but true!!!
  14th of Aug, 2017
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@PL Johnston does that help any one. or ya just poking ya nose in something dont concern you. [censor]... sorry but true!!!
  23rd of Jul, 2014
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Damn, I pride myself in not being taken by online shysters, but slipped up here.. New rule.. ALWAYS do a google search on "(product name) problems" before you trade online.
www.australian-people-records.com - useless fake and crooked.
I tried to pay with PayPal and couldn't, and did not understand why that would be and gave them my credit card details, so another rule.. only use PayPal.
  7th of Jul, 2016
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Got me too... Except I ended up with a membership to My Heritage... Not what I wanted at all.
At least they have a phone number. Seeking refund both from My Heritage and also will be contacting Credit card company.
Was trying to find out about a friend who died. The privacy laws in Australia stink! We should be allowed access to this information.
  19th of Jun, 2017
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WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! australian-people-records.com is a total SCAM!!

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