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Australia Post - Emerton / Harassed, discriminated against and yelled at!

1 Australia

Hi, This is my complaint about Australia Post Emerton I was waiting in line for 15mins trying to do an I.D check for a credit card application at the post office in Emerton. When it was my turn the lady at the counter told me that she wouldn't process my application as it would take too long and there were too many customers in line. I told her I waited in line just like everyone else so I should be served accordingly. She told me to come back in half an hour when the other lady got back from her break, I told her I wasn't able to do this,as I was on my lunch break. So she made me fill out a section of the form that only Australia Post could fill out. When I returned with it she seemed angry and asked me why I didn't have my citizenship or passport with me as she knew I had a passport, because she processed the application. I told her I could choose which I.D I wanted to give her and it wasn't her concern. She then pointed at a sign on the wall that said "Passport applications processed 9am-12pm" I told her this was not a passport application but an I.D check. She kept repeating the same statement as though she couldn't understand english. When I had pointed out this fact she started yelling at me and told me to wait until the other lady could get back from lunch to serve me.

When the other lady returned 10mins later, I told her I wanted her to serve me and not the first lady as she was rude. The first lady said no she wanted to serve me and I had to wait again.

When it was finally my turn, I had my arms crossed as I was mad. The lady told me that she wouldn't serve me as I had my arms crossed she then started yelling at me and threw my documents at my face. At this point I had waited 40mins and was reduced to tears, the lady laughed at me and told me to "go and complain and see if you gets you anywhere".

I left in utter shock, I was harassed, discriminated against and yelled at. I have worked in customer service for years and have never seen such an incident occur.

When I later went to another post office to continue with my application the lady was in shock when I told her what just happened, she urged me to complain and also couldn't believe how rudely I was treated.


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