Australia Post - Elizabeth Street Store / Rude counter staff Mark

1 250 Elizabeth St Melbourne 3000, Melbourne 3000, Victoria, Australia

At 5/2/2010 a man Mark served me at this Australian Post store on 250 Elizabeth St Melbourne. I had simply one letter to send to the USA. My first time posting something. when I go tto the counter I said "I'd like to post this to US" and he yelled at me saying "WHERE WHAT SORRY?" ..After he heard what I said the second time, he weighed the letter and took a stamp out for me. He then proceeded to press my envelope, ruin my envelope almost ripping it asking me "WHAT IS INSIDE WHAT'S INSIDE???" I kept telling him it's a letter. He asked me almost 4 times very loudly, shouting at me, as if I was on Border Security. This man was very rude and very condescending. I just kept telling him It's a letter. I asked him should I be paying more, what is the big deal? Have I done something wrong? And he kept tossing around my envelope and pressing and folding the letter. What a rude customer counter attendant. The worst I have ever experienced. He was old and hadglasses . He spoke with a posh accent. Slightly gay.

I hope I never experience that kind of condescending, intimidating customer service again.

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