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I made a purchase online and received a prompt delivery from the sender who claimed their packing was professional. Hearing a rattling sound inside the parcel when collecting from the Post, I opened it at the Post Office only to find the item was damaged. Due to a series of conflicting advice given by the Post staff at various levels, I ended up on a 2-month journey claiming for compensation, and was eventually told the packing was insufficient. To make it worse, even the Postal Ombudsman can do nothing to help.

My points are:

1. As it is, the Australia Post is playing a Catch-22 trick, according to which, "All damaged items are deemed insufficiently packed, otherwise they cannot be damaged.

2. The Postal Ombudzman is virtually doing nothing other than condoning or encouraging the rough handing of the Post by allowing an unfair, irrational system to exist.

3. The Australia Post will thrive by damaging any so-called insufficiently packed items, and they will double their business as the damaged items will be posted again NOT Free of Charge.

4. The quality of service will deteriorate because there is no penality and incentive for the post to improve. Indeed they benefit from damaging posted items.

5. Changes desperately needed to improve practice to prevent more and more consumers from falling into this catch-22

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      Aug 10, 2010
    Australia Post - Ignorant and non delivery
    Australia Post

    To all Aussies, If you are using Aust. Post for the delivery of parcels then let who you are sending to know of delivery as Aust. Post doesn't always attempt delivery, they will hold your mail, parcels for weeks and never ever attempt to deliver it as they are licensed to, then when you complain about this you are lied to, exploited and completely deceived by there non help or phone calls, during the whole complaint process you will never be contacted by them until they send there so called letter of apology which turns out to be a massive insult by informing you that they did everything right which is just another complete cover up, use couriers if you want your parcels to be delivered, Australia Post doesn't deliver as they either steal it or just throw it in the corner and hope it vanishes.

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